In-Plant Providers

Your Cloud-Based Warehouse Management Software Solution: ilinkONEpro

Today’s In-Plants are in need of solutions that help them reduce costs, add value and provide them with the tool to be more efficient. That is where interlinkONE’s Cloud-Based Software comes into play. We focus on the In-Plant that has inventory, warehousing and fulfillment needs that are not found in the Variable Data Printing (VDP) Software, AKA Web-to-print Software today.

interlinkONE works with Fortune 100’s down to smaller In-Plants that are looking for Amazon like storefronts and portals to allow access to ordering inventory, print and mail. As your outsourced IT around this we provide you the integration services to make it happen. The capabilities go beyond simple management solutions with SSO functionality and other integrations with your current CRM.

Let your user community order from anywhere on any device. Yes, ilinkONEpro allows for mobile ordering with a responsive design.

So, why ilinkONEpro?

View us as your outsourced IT in the Cloud

Amazon like Storefronts for user ordering

Manage all inventory and warehouse in one place via web browser. Includes DAM, POD, and VDP management.

Cycle Counting

Restriction Capabilities

Easily Onboarding with walkthrough technology

Mobile ordering

The Features don’t stop there!

Schedule a demo or ask us for our detailed questionnaire so we can get a better understanding of your needs and how we can and will fulfill those needs!