Marketing your association takes time and effort. From consistent communications with your members and reaching out to potential new members, to notifying people of an upcoming event and updating the latest news surrounding your association, it can be challenging. That’s where our interlinkONE solutions come in for all kinds of association help.

Market to your Members with Ease

Reaching current and prospective members can be a problem for any association. MAX makes sure the right message goes out at the right time to the right people. Set up your contacts and campaign, tell MAX what to do and when to do it, and rest easy. MAX will take care of delivering content, emails, social media posts, notifications to your team, and more.

No more losing touch with members or not getting the word out about an upcoming event. Automating your marketing allows you to consistently communicate with prospects and members, build relationships and grow your association.

An Attractive Association Starts with your Website

Attract new members to a mobile-friendly and responsive design. Every association is different and your website should reflect the uniqueness and vision of your association.

Content, job boards, SEO, event registrations, member directories and more all go into making an informative, interactive and successful site.

Your website is step one in growing your association. Redesign today, grow tomorrow.

Get Social with your Members

Are you struggling to keep up with your members on social media? From sourcing content, posting and engaging to monitoring activity, generating new member leads and in-depth reporting, GrowSocially App does it all in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Monitoring keywords and aggregating recommended content are a must for your association’s social media management. Have a better understanding of what your members and prospects are saying about your association. Monitor event hashtags and details on a single dashboard. RSS feeds and content recommendations will make sure you are a thought-leader amongst your community and always have the right content at the right times.