Are Clients Hanging Up On Our Mobile Marketing Efforts?

Mobile marketing has emerged as one of the driving forces in today’s advertising venues.

More people are connected to the internet, each other, and to companies through mobile means than ever before. Smart phones, tablets, and mobile enabled e-readers have become the new standard of connection.

Mobile marketing reaches even more people than other internet based advertising due to the ways advertisements are shared. Most ad-blocking software is designed for computers, not mobile platforms. This gives mobile marketing an edge.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing or text message marketing can be a big turn off.

When people receive ‘cold’ texts they are likely to delete the message instead of following a link. Much like telemarketing phone calls, unsolicited text messages are annoying. If you plan to use text messaging in your marketing campaigns, allow people to choose to receive the texts.

Click on the image to see how one of our newest clients transformed themselves into a marketing service provider.

On your company’s website give people a reason to opt-in to text marketing messages. Every message needs some sort of enticement for customers to click links or ask for more information. Messages that have no value to your customer will likely be ignored.

Limiting Messages

Another important aspect to text marketing is to limit the number of messages sent per month.

You can allow customers to choose how many messages they want to receive based on a number per week, month, or based on sales. Even the happiest customer can get tired of messages. Too many messages will end up seen as spam, much like unsolicited email.


When you allow people to opt-in to your text marketing they need to be aware of how many messages you will be sending.

Be careful to fully disclose what type of messages will be sent. When your customers opt-in they could choose plain text or HTML/image texts. Some phones are able to handle image heavy messages, though this could hurt the data plans for some customers. Opting in to graphics texts needs to have an explanation of data usage.

To avoid problems it may be advisable to only send text SMS. A double opt-in is advisable to ensure your customers really want to receive messages and cannot report your company for spam.

 As with email, you should keep an eye on the results of campaigns.

If a mobile marketing strategy seems to be going downhill or isn’t generating any response, it might be time to change tactics. Mobile ads are not limited to text message marketing. You can also think about mobile ads on websites through Google Adwords, ads in mobile games, and on mobile websites.

There’s an avenue for every creative marketer. Mobile advertising isn’t as expensive as some advertising campaigns and has a high rate of return thanks to the ease of implementation.

If your company offers a service no one else does you might think about creating a mobile app that customers can use at any time.

Apps are a hugely popular method of marketing that is only now being fully realized.

 So, have you had good results to date when it comes to mobile marketing?

About the Author: Tina Samuels writes on social media, mobile marketing, and  business individuals like Steve Wynn.

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Some of the other topics discussed will be:

  • Mobile websites
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  • Augmented Reality
  • Responsive Web Design

“I am really looking forward to this session,” said Tom. “We work with mobile every day here at interlinkONE and Grow Socially, and this is a great opportunity for us to share our expertise with our attendees. We want to help these companies get started with mobile marketing, and more importantly, how to make money with it.”

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Mobile Marketing Greatness – It's Your Destiny

Do you have what it takes to be a mobile marketing legend? You don’t need an advanced degree or specialized training. In order to be destined for mobile marketing greateness, you just need to keep your head in the mobile marketing game. Here are 4 questions you must ask yourself to fulfill your destiny!


1. Do You Stay On Top Of The Latest News?

Do you read articles and watch videos to find out how other companies are tackling the technology? How mobile marketing is evolving? IF you’re not keeping tabs on it, there is no way you can know if you’re going in the right direction.

2. Have You Created A Support Network?

You don’t have to do everything from scratch. This isn’t Homemade Mobile Marketing 101. A support network is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest without having to learn everything yourself. Sites like iFlyMobi and Qreate & Track provide that kind of support.

3. Do You Utilize Location-Based Applications?

Business that understand the need to exploit the inherent features of mobile devices understand that using location based apps is a complete no-brainer when it comes to mobile marketing. Anything from a mobile friendly site that can provide directions from the user’s location to your business, to ads that pinpoint users who are local to entice them with a discount is a smart (and imperative to ultimate greatness) aspect of mobile marketing efforts.

4. Are You Embracing Consistency?

Consistency is key – not only in branding, but also in timeliness. You want to make sure you show “who” your company is and not create some new identity through mobile marketing. You also don’t want to over-do it and be in your audience’s face 24/7.

Ask yourself these four questions next time you evaluate your mobile marketing. But if you have more questions – I know the place to get them answered. 

3 (More) Mobile Marketing Must-Haves: Part III

Here it is, the final installment of my mobile marketing must-haves series. We’ve covered a lot of ground of the past couple weeks, and hopefully these final three tips will steer your business to mobile success. Last week, we learned about getting social media integrated into your mobile strategy, as well as tips on measuring and analyzing your data.

Thanks for reading!

7. Bridge From Print To Mobile

Ensure that you bridge the gap between your marketing efforts, from print to online to mobile. There is no reason for your efforts to be separated, and no campaign should feel like the proverbial red-headed stepchild. Coordinate your marketing and keep your branding intact. Brainstorm about how you can engage an audience member from print to online or print to mobile. Print QR codes on materials that direct to a mobile app or site. Have links to mobile friendly destinations in your emails. Mobile marketing shouldn’t exist in a bubble, especially if you want a great return on your investment.

 8. Understand Your Hardware

As you develop your mobile marketing campaigns, take a closer look at typical mobile devices. Look at their features and see what could be exploited (in a good way, of course) to create a more interactive experience between your marketing efforts and the audience member. Can you integrate the calendar or contact info features? The camera?

 9. Strike A Balance

Make sure, as you work your mobile marketing plan and reach for those goals that you strike a balance. You don’t want to bombard your audience with SMS messages, mobile marketing ads and the like, but you don’t want to remain silent for long either. You want to be engaged and responsive, and you will find that you will get some major bang out of your mobile marketing work.

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3 (More) Mobile Marketing Must-Haves: Part II


Welcome to the second part of my three part series on mobile marketing must-haves! Last time around, we looked at the importance of mobile optimization, relevant content and location-based marketing.

Next week will be the epic conclusion of the series!

4. Test Your Efforts

You need to test your mobile marketing efforts. You can put together a terrific mobile marketing campaign but if you don’t test it first, you’re playing with fire. The possibility of something going awry is very real. So if you want to test it, and have others test it, and gain that feedback. Perhaps everything checks out fine, but there is still that something “missing,” if you will. Something that is simply lacking. With testing, you have time to catch the tech-related glitches and the “we need more oomph” kind of issues.

5. Track Your Success

You absolutely need to track your success. Mobile marketing is so easy to track and it’s basically insane if you don’t track your efforts to see what’s working or now, what’s packing a punch and what’s making a very small splash.

6. Get Social

You should tie in your mobile marketing efforts with social media. Many social media users are using their mobile devices, doing anything from posting photos to checking in at their favorite locations. And if you stop your mobile marketing endeavors at creating a mobile-friendly site and that’s it, then you’re missing some crucial opportunities to engage your audience. First off, when you create a mobile site you should be adding buttons that make it a one-click action for your audience to share your mobile pages on a social media site. (This is made easy when you create your mobile site at iFlyMobi. I digress.)

You should also start thinking about, and implementing, mobile marketing campaigns that engage across all social media platforms. Your audience is there, so you should be too!

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