How Duplicates Ink is Talking About Multi-Channel Marketing

Duplicates Ink LogoI would like to a moment to share this great video featuring John Cassidy of Duplicates Ink.

A line in the first few seconds of the video really sets the tone. Speaking of John Cassidy, the host says “I remember when this man just had a copier and a dream.” The video then goes on to discuss how Duplicates Ink has been able to do a great job of branding themselves, how their business is up 15% this year, and how they are now being viewed as multi-channel marketing experts who specialize in print.

I hope you enjoy the video below:

Throughout the 20-minute video, John discusses a number of items, including QR Codes, photo books, social media, cross-media marketing, SMS/Text-Messaging, and more.

I think this is a tremendous example of how a company that was previously known as solely providing print services can really start communicating and acting like one that can offer a full-range of marketing solutions.

Congrats to John Cassidy and Duplicates Ink for all of their success!