John Foley, Jr. Shares Thoughts and Predictions on drupa

Thank you very much to the folks at WhatTheyThink for running this video!

While our CEO John Foley, Jr. was at drupa, he had the chance to spend some time with Cary Sherburne in the WhatTheyThink video booth. Cary asked John for his thoughts on his first-ever drupa experience, as well as for his predictions on the future of the print industry.

We hope that you enjoy their conversation! Click the image below to watch the video:

interlinkONE's CEO John Foley, Jr. and Cary Sherburne from WhatTheyThink discuss drupa

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While he was in Germany, John made sure that there was always a camera nearby!

View our drupa Photo Gallery on the interlinkONE Facebook page here >>

Pictures from drupa 2012

Our CEO John Foley, Jr. is currently having a great time in Germany at drupa 2012.

And we are quite thankful that he’s been taking and sharing a ton of pictures with us from the event!

We’ve been posting them up on our Facebook page in a drupa 2012 photo gallery. We’d love for you to check them out!

There’s pictures of John posing with customers, pictures of the the massive trade show booths, pictures of the scenery outside, and more.

View the drupa Photo Gallery Here >>

Below is one of our favorites. This is a picture of John after he delivered a presentation at the Dscoop at drupa event:

John Foley, Jr. surrounded by a crowd at the Dscoop at drupa event in Germany!

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Did John Foley, Jr. Outrun Edwin Moses?

Our CEO John Foley, Jr. is delivering two presentations today in Germany at the Dscoop at drupa event.

While he was there, he also met Olympic champion Edwin Moses.

interlinkONE and Grow Socially CEO John Foley, Jr. met Olympic Champion Edwin Moses in Germany at the Dscoop at drupa event!

Thanks very much to John for representing our company in Germany and to Edwin for taking the time to pose for this picture!

P.S. We’d love to know what you think… Could our boss, John Foley, beat Edwin Moses in a foot race?


Business Transformation: Dscoop at drupa

Dscoop at drupa: John Foley, Jr. will be speakingIf you are heading to Germany for drupa, I’d like to tell you about a very special event that is happening around the same time.

HP is putting on the “Dscoop at drupa” event from April 30th through May 4th.

I’m quite happy to share the news that our CEO John Foley, Jr. will be speaking at this event.

He’s actually delivering two presentations while he’s there.

In the video below, John discusses the presentation that will be tailored to the General Commercial Printing group.

The title of this presentation will be “How to Strategically Transform and Grow Your Business”.

John will also be delivering a presentation to the Labels & Packing group of printers at Dscoop at drupa. Click here to learn more about that one!

A New Path to Sustainable Growth: Dscoop at drupa

In less than two weeks, I will be headed to Germany for the biggest event in the printing industry – drupa!

I am absolutely looking forward to experiencing this massive trade show for the first time.

Also, I’m excited that I’ll be delivering two presentations at the Dscoop at drupa event! One of my presentations will be specifically targeted towards printers in the Label and Packaging space.

I took a moment to film this video regarding what I’ll be talking about:

Presentation Overview

Title: A New Path To Sustainable Growth

Description: During this session, I will present growth strategies for printers in the labels and packaging space. I will provide ideas and tactics that printers can use to stand out from their competition. I will provide an overview of new technologies and marketing channels that can be used to make print interactive and deliver more relevant content to the consumer. I will also provide inspiration and actionable steps for printers that are looking to improve their own sales and marketing efforts.

Dscoop At Drupa Masthead: CEO John Foley, Jr. is speaking at this event in Germany