9 Ways to Keep Leads and Prospects Engaged

Sometimes the usual phone call or email is just the complete wrong way to follow-up with leads.  While tempting, keep in mind that you may catch them at a bad time, lead them to feeling like they’re “being sold,” or have them ask you to stop attempting altogether.  How can you spark action and interest into that lead without a hard sell?  Simple!  Here are 9 types of information you can send to your leads to keep their attention:

Recorded Webinars

Webinars are a convenient way of educating a large audience with minimal costs associated.  What is also great about them is that they can be recorded!  If you’re going to deliver a great presentation that highlights your expertise, make the most of it by saving the recording and using it as a sales tool for future leads and inquiries.

Recorded Sales Demonstrations

In sales, you may come across a situation where you have to deliver multiple demos for the same company before you can close the deal.  While every point of contact is an opportunity to get closer to the lead, make sure they don’t forget you (and can show you off to colleagues) by sending them a recorded demo.  That way, they can refer back to it at their convenience and never forget the greatest parts of your software. For example, check out our drag-and-drop demo for our mobile website builder, iFlyMobi!

Digital Company Brochures

If you have a fantastic printed brochure, turn the original PDF file of it into an electronic sales tool!  It’s a great way to sum up all of your company’s benefits and services into one well-designed package, and your leads can then save it on their desktop.  Be sure to share this via a software that handles electronic fulfullment so that you have a history record of sending it.


Educate your audience with an enticing eBook that includes interesting facts about your audience’s pain points, and the solutions to those problems.  You can subtly promote your services and products within them, but have this eBook act as a reminder to all that you’re the answer to their problems.  Take a look at our eBook, “Guide to Selling Marketing Services” for inspiration.


Position yourself as the expert by giving tips, best practices, and a summary of services in 1-2 minute video clips.  Send this along to your prospects as a conversation starter, and let them get to know you through creative videos.


If you have team members who are fantastic speakers, podcasts may be the best approach to take when trying to capture their knowledge.  You can get away with longer podcast sessions as opposed to videos because the listener can listen in the car, at their desk over lunch, or on their morning run. Invite educational guests and keep folks coming back monthly for more knowledge!


If you have a great graphic design team, and some captivating statistics, highlight both of these resources in an infographic (like this one).  They’re interesting, fun to look at, and share-worthy.  You can share information about the industries your target audiences are in, how you have increased success for clients, or how you’re keeping up with new technologies.

Service and Product Sell Sheets

Perhaps your leads don’t need the entire brochure, all they may want is a one-pager that goes over key benefits of one service or product they may be interested in.  Think real estate; they’ve mastered the 1 page sell. What’s great about having electronic sales sheets of your various offerings is that you can send a mixture of them depending on what your lead needs, and not clutter up their mind with too many ancillary services that don’t suit them.


This sales tool is beneficial for two big reasons.  If you deliver a survey with weighted questions, you can customize the end results of what the survey would say based on the lead’s answers.  It also helps you qualify the lead in finding out what type of offerings would best fit their needs.

The bottom line?

The sales process doesn’t always have to be direct.  Take more of an inbound marketing approach and let them come to you. Sometimes the best way to keep the conversation going is to send educational and informative materials that will captivate your leads and get them excited about what you have to say so when they are ready, they come to the expert first (pssst…that’ll be you!)

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Need a reminder of these great tips? Print this handy cheat sheet:

Don't Fear the Data

I was  recently was reading a great discussion in The Digital Nirvana. The topic was personalized URLs and one-to-one marketing.

One of the posts was in regards to reasons why some personalized URL campaigns produce very low response rates. The reason listed in this post was the data — that clients were providing a list that only contained names and mailing address. In those scenarios, a personalized URL could be created. But then the only unique part about their landing page was the “Dear [FirstName]” line.

Well, one thing to acknowledge is that personalized URLs are not the best fit for every campaign. You need to consider the data you have, but also the demographics of the target audience, the timing, the offer, etc.

However, if you only have a list of names and mailing addresses, does this mean that you should never do personalized URLs?

The answer to this should be a resounding “No”!

For one, if you are trying to show off that you can do personalized URLs, simply sending out a simple postcard containing one may catch the attention of a customer that does have great marketing data… and they may be able to see the value you can offer by combining your marketing services with their data.

Also, with a bit of creativity, you can add a “personal” twist to what seems like the most mundane data list. Here are a few examples:

  • Distance – We recently saw a campaign that was for a gym. The customer used an online program to calculate the distance from each recipients house to the gym. Then, they converted the mileage into steps. Thus, the postcard and landing page all displayed the following – “[FirstName] – you are only #xxx steps away from achieving your fitness goals”
  • Location – This one would work best when you are doing a mailing that targets contacts across multiple states. Maybe you put the State seal on the appropriate mailer or landing page. Or perhaps you display an image or colors related to a popular sports team in that State.
  • Gender – This one might be a bit too sensitive – but, we have seen campaigns where users displayed different images and offers based on a person’s gender (which was determined by looking at the Prefix field)

These are just a few examples of how you can use name and address data to add personalization to a campaign.

Here is one more way that you could demonstrate the personalization capabilities that you have:

  • When the user gets to the landing page, let them know they are about to experience personalization in action… Sell it as an interactive tool.
  • Have them answer a few basic questions. Perhaps, “what is your favorite color?”, “favorite food?”, and “favorite time of day”? These questions would be dropdowns – thus, there is a fixed amount of answers.
  • Upon clicking Submit, present the user with a landing page that is custom, based on the answers they provided to those 3 questions.

(We actually have a “test drive” set up that works similar to this on our website… Check it out here: http://www.webfulfillment.com/ilinkno/lp.asp?L=118)