Software Solutions

Web-to-Print and VDP


One of the most compelling things about online and on-demand printing is that it enables customers to create printed documents that can change as rapidly as the rest of their business landscape. Using a branded storefront, our customizable software provides internet-based web-to-print technology, digital asset management, and complete order processing.

ilinkPRINT™ is a superior solution because it supports the option of online document customization, and dynamic document creation based on customer information and graphics. The solution also allows for distribution of these documents to the printer of choice. The solution allows you or your customers to co-brand or customize collateral. It has proven that a personalized or customized piece of collateral or Web address is opened or clicked on more than standard “one for all” direct mail or email blast.

Some of the key elements of our VDP solution include:

  • A customizable and rebranded web based storefront
  • A familiar online ordering process to enhance the customer experience
  • A web based catalog system that provides a centralized repository of static collateral and customizable files
  • Complex items such as brochures (kits), sell sheets, and unique advertising materials are supported driving incremental business
  • Ability to create personalized marketing communications including the production of variable information documents and template management
  • Complete control of brand and assets
  • Streamlined workflow, and less time in the order process
  • An easy to use reorder process which supports repeat business


Still not convinced?  Try checking out this white paper that explains how web-to-print and VDP software can help you establish relationships with customers and prospects.  If you’d like to see our VDP process in action, register for a demo today!