Sales Teams

Marketing solutions don’t end with your marketing team. Your sales team should be capitalizing on and working with the efforts of your marketing team. Incorporating the right solutions can greatly increase your ROI and help ease the sales process.

MAXimize your sales leads with MAX.

MAX gives you the tools you need to attract new prospects, stay on top of your leads, and continuously build relationships. Automating your sales campaigns means communicating with your audience through the right medium with the right message.

  • Generate More Qualified Leads. Standing out from the crowd takes a lot of time and effort. MAX allows you to attract the right prospects and gain actionable leads, while saving time and money. With batched notifications keeping track of campaign responses and A/B testing available, your sales tea will not what really works for your organization.
  • Nurture Prospects into Customers. Communicating with your prospects their way by using social media, email, a phone call or any other channel is key to developing your relationship. MAX makes it easy to target specific prospects and ensure they receive the right message at the right time.
  • Turn Customers into More Revenue. Once a sale is made, the relationship doesn’t end. In fact, it really is just beginning. MAX gives your sales team the tools to be able to keep current customers updated with your products and services. Have a new product you want to cross sell? Have updates and news related to your services you want your customers to know? MAX makes it all possible with creative easy to use email templates.



Is your sales team capitalizing on social media?

GrowSocially App goes beyond simply posting. This all-in-one dashboard has everything your team needs to generate more leads and capture more sales through social media.

  • Monitor keywords to know what’s being said about your brand on social networks and blogs. GrowSocially App’s social media listening tools help you to prioritize your replies by highlighting whether mentions are positive, negative or neutral.
  • GrowSocially App’s sophisticated prospecting tools enable you to build profitable relationships by targeting and collecting prospects through social media, based on specific interests and their level of influence.
  • Curated content through RSS feeds and content recommendations at your finger tips allows your sales efforts to align with your marketing team to make sure the right content is being posted and shared at the right times.

What is your Website Selling?

Most times, your website is the first interaction prospects have with your organization. Make this touch count and have the right information visible. When you visit your own site, what comes to mind? Is it clear who you are and what you are selling?

You made all this effort to attract a prospect, don’t lose them when they visit your site. Is your website mobile-friendly? Make sure your targets can access the information they want no matter which device they are on. Driving sales leads to a responsive, easy-to-use interface will only help you in the sales process.

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