Marketing Teams

Is your marketing team looking for the right solution? Whether a single marketer on your own or a large team of professionals, interlinkONE has the right solution for you.

Make Marketing Simpler with MAX.

Staying on top of marketing takes time and effort. Lots of people are interested in your organization and keeping in touch with them is vital to your success. Marketing automation makes managing your marketing campaigns and keeping in touch with your prospects simple – and with MAX it’s even simpler.

What do you do when someone likes a social media post, sends a question, signs up for your newsletter, or looks ready to make a purchase? Maybe you send an email, schedule a phone call, or give them a link to the information they asked for. It all takes time, and it’s easy to overlook a step when you’re busy working in your organization.

What makes MAX so beneficial and easy to your Marketing team?

  • Don’t lost all the contacts and relationships you have already built. Easily upload your contacts lists right into MAX.
  • The all new drag and drop content editor makes creating emails, landing pages, forms and other assets a breeze.
  • MAX is mobile-friendly, making sure your marketing efforts never slow down, even when your on the go.
  • Gain actionable intelligence that lets you refine your marketing for even better results next time.
  • Set trigger points to make sure your prospects receive their next email or phone call at just the right time to catch their interest.
  • Easily create professionally designed and customizable email templates that will make your email campaigns pop.
  • and more!

Social media management is essential for every marketing team.

GrowSocially App goes beyond simply posting. This all-in-one dashboard has everything your team needs to take your social media marketing to the next level.

  • Have multiple accounts on multiple platforms? GrowSocially App allows you to organize all of your accounts in one dashboard, filter between which ones you want to look at alone and post to multiple accounts at the same time.
  • Optimize your social media efforts with in-depth analytics. Choose from an array of pre-built reports or get down to the specifics of exactly what you are looking for with the ability of creating customizable exportable reports.
  • Never run out of content for your audience. Use our RSS feeds and content recommendation to always have relevant and useful content to your audience.
  • Easily monitor keywords to what is being said about your brand and your competitors.

What is the state of your website?

Part of your marketing efforts should be to drive traffic to your organization’s website. But, what does your website say about your organization? Make sure your website design is aligned with your marketing efforts to maximize success and the reach of your brand.

With our in-depth and personal website development process, we make sure all your needs are met and that your marketing team will actually be proud of the website they are promoting. Every marketing team is different, which means every website will be different as well. But, check out some of the necessities we feel below and see how your current site stacks up to your competitors:

  • Mobile-friendly and responsive design
  • Easy-to-use navigation
  • Social media integration
  • SEO
  • Responsive contact forms
  • and more!

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