Customer Service

In the online world today, customer service never stops. Nowadays, customers expect quick responses and want their problems or requests solved as soon as possible. At interlinkONE, we pride ourselves on being proactive with our customers and having a consistent communication plan in action. We make the same goals possible for our customers as well. From automated marketing to designing a more user-friendly website, our solutions take care of you so you can better take care of your customers.

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Be Proactive with MAX

Automating your customer service allows you to address more customer’s issues and concerns, drastically shorten the time it takes to find a resolution and more! From preemptively reaching out to customers to improving conversion and retention, MAX can lighten the workload and still get the results you want.

Get creative with your customer service. Everyone knows what a customer service email typically looks like. Utilize our creative array of email templates and drag and drop editor to send emails customers actually want to respond to.

Customer service is always better proactive rather than reactive. MAX allows you to schedule automatic follow-ups and constant communications to enhance the customer experience and add value to your organization.

Is CS visible on your website?

When someone is need of service or is looking for answers from your organization, where are they most likely going to go? Your website.

Is customer service or contact information visible on your current website? An easy-to-use navigation and flawless functionality will make customer service a breeze. If a customer runs into a problem on the go, can they reach customer service through your site through mobile?

Again, proactive communication is better than reactive responses. Do you have a live chat or team readily available to chat with a customer or prospect?

Get social with it.

Customer service and the customer experience doesn’t stop at your website. Nowadays, more and more customers are looking to social media for help and interacting with brands. Are you prepared to help them?

From customer relations to brand awareness and reputation, a lot of customer service relationships are won and lost on social media. The GrowSocially App is here to make sure you never miss an opportunity on social media to better the value of your organization. Whether responding to a complaint or sharing high praise, managing all of your social accounts in one easy-to-use dashboard makes it easy.

Monitor keywords to know what’s being said about your brand on social networks and blogs. GrowSocially App’s social media listening tools help you to prioritize your replies by highlighting whether mentions are positive, negative or neutral. By better understanding what is being said about you, the easier it is to respond.