Project Management


If you have projects in the works, but no way to monitor them, how can you be sure everything is getting done on time and with efficiency? Using our ilinkPROJECTS software tool, you can manage ALL of your internal and customer projects in one centralized solution. Whether you are collaborating with people from around the world, or just with people in your own building, our online Project Management solution helps to ensure that your tasks reach completion, and your projects find success.

Here are a few of the solutions that our Project Management software can help you accomplish:

  • Team Collaboration
  • Assign Tasks
  • Share Files
  • Centralized Communications
  • Meet Milestones
  • Track Workload
  • Manage Vendors and Suppliers
  • Generate Reports and Charts

interlinkONE is proud to say that we use our own project management tool to monitor and track our internal and client-facing projects as well! Our solution keeps everyone on track and allows employees to manage their workload with ease. For more information on how we benefit from our own software solution (just like our customers), check out this blog post!

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