On-Line Ordering


Our order management solution allows organization to manage multiple clients with unique business rules within a single environment. ilinkONEpro is administrable by non technical personnel thereby lifting the burden on internal IT resources and putting part definition control back into the hands of the Product Managers and CSRs. ilinkONEpro supports traditional hard copy fulfillment, print on demand parts, as well as pre-build and build-on-demand kitting.  Our software tracks and processes orders in real time. Online reporting can be viewed from anywhere, to monitor user activity, part usage, and order history. Customizable views for each client can include process as well as customizable page text and user navigation. Competitive advantage is created by being able to deliver each client’s requirements using a single order management solution.

Our ilinkORDERS software solution is designed with intelligent:

  • Online ordering available 24/7
  • Sophisticated multi layered product restriction options
  • Configurable value-added services, including kitting, and complimentary parts
  • Best-of-breed inventory control, inventory aging, and expiration dating
  • Managed order release and back order reporting
  • Order approval process
  • Safe and secure eCommerce solution utilizing most major payment gateways
  • Multi warehouse / multi client


interlinkONE’s industry-leading software is packed with functionality and is still flexible enough to support client tailored implementation. Contact our sales team to get a virtual tour of our software. You can see first-hand how it works!