Marketing and CRM


Our software solution enables you to manage all of your marketing efforts in one centralized location. With our solution, you will be able to build, monitor, and measure campaigns, generate PURLS, integrate with social media, create landing pages, execute email blasts, and much more.

Build and Execute Campaigns

ilinkMARKETING enables you to easily build cross-channel campaigns for marketing efforts. In the end, this allows you to properly execute each aspect of the campaign, and then easily measure the success of the components. Once you have set up the campaign, our solution then walks you through the remaining steps. This may include building your landing pages, uploading your mailing lists, creating Personalized URLs, setting up your data entry forms, and more. Our software solution can also be used to build and launch customizable storefronts. These web portals can be made available to the public,or to registered users only. Users can access and order all types of materials – static literature, electronic items (PDFs, PPTs), merchandise, digital assets, variable data print items, and more.

Marketing departments may produce many great ideas. But they also need the right technology and infrastructure to properly turn those ideas into “live” marketing activities. With our unified marketing communications platform, all pieces of your campaign can be executed through one solution.

This may include:

  • Generation of Personalized URLs for direct mail efforts
  • Sending out e-mail blasts and SMS/text message blasts to targeted lists
  • Launch landing pages to measure website efforts (banner ads, subscription forms, and more)

Our solution helps you to execute efforts that will generate leads for your sales teams. It doesn’t just end there. Our software solution helps you to make it easier for your sales reps to follow up on the leads they have. For example, you can do the following:

  • Trigger automated events that send materials to respondents
  • Create marketing portals that allow your sales reps to access materials they can use for follow-ups
  • Instantly notify reps when someone clicks on a page or responds

These are just a few of the ways that our solution helps you to execute your campaigns, generate leads, and move them down the sales funnel.


Campaign Measurement and Reporting

One of the biggest challenges a marketer may face nowadays is how to measure and demonstrate the results of their campaigns. It’s not just enough to have the perfect audience and an appealing message. At the end of the day, you need to be able to present results to your management and sales teams! With our ilinkMARKETING solution, it is easy to view and demonstrate real-time results of your marketing efforts.

Here are a few key features ilinkMARKETING provides for marketing campaign measurement:

  • Marketing Dashboard: Graphically view results across all of your activities on one page
  • Lead Distribution and Scoring: Easily view all leads from a campaign and segment them based on how qualified they are
  • Traffic Analysis: How long do people stay on your landing pages before they fill out your form or abandon it?
  • Email Reporting: Learn your open rates, click-through rates, and bounces in real-time
  • QR Codes: Learn how many are scanning your QR Codes
  • Cost Per Lead: Automatically calculate Return on Investment (ROI) based on campaign costs and results

Build Landing Pages

The interlinkONE marketing software allows you to easily set up Landing Pages for your marketing efforts.
Landing Pages can help you accomplish the following items – you can link to them from any of your medias. Perhaps a direct mail piece, an email, a TV ad, a banner ad, etc. The landing page can display your branding, but only the message that applies to the marketing piece that was delivered to the person. For example, you could send them directly to your corporate homepage, but then you run the risk of overwhelming them with information. A landing page allows you to deliver targeted messages to each recipient. Our solution gives you full customization abilities, ranging from the layout to the content of your landing pages. We also supply robust reporting which includes vital information such as:

  • Who visited the page?
  • Who submitted the survey?
  • How long did they stay on the page?
  • Who visited, but didn’t submit the survey?
  • What did they answer?
  • How hot or cool of a lead are they?
  • Where did they go once they hit the thank you page?

Generate PURLs

Personalized URLs (or pURLS) are an effective way to increase the response rates of your marketing efforts. Personalized URLs have primarily been used to enhance a direct mail piece. But they can also be used on email blasts, and other medias that are targeted to a specific individual. A personalized URL does more than provide you with the ability to measure success. You can truly deliver a one-to-one marketing message to each prospect. Click here for more information on how interlinkONE’s marketing software can help you deliver customized text, pictures, videos, and more.


Our CRM solution called ilinkSALES enables you to fully automate your sales process. You will be able to manage your contacts and group them into targeted lists for later use in marketing campaigns. With our solution, your sales reps will have easy access to pertinent information about prospects and deliver them information and collateral.

Automated Sales Process

Our ilinkSALES software supports the management of the entire sales process, from lead acquisition to close. The system gives users the ability to manage tasks and follow-up activities from a centralized location. Sales opportunities are tracked providing sales managers with an accurate up-to-the-second snapshot of the current pipeline and sales forecast. All activities are tracked in the system and event driven alerts help to see where leads are in the sales process and ensure no one falls between the cracks. Managing contacts, sales opportunities, and tasks are all benefits of our CRM tool.

The benefits of an automated sales process include:

  • Track and manage all sales follow-up activities
  • Manage the sales pipeline and view up dated forecasts
  • Set rules in the system based on your companies preferred sales methodologies and steps
  • View a complete sales history including all marketing initiatives directed to the specific contact

Social Media Integration

We are very strong believers in the power of social media. Our software encompasses this belief as well and has integration features with Twitter, one of the most popular social media networks. One may ask, “how does ilinkONEpro integrate with Twitter?”

  • Contact Information: Once you’ve added a contact’s name you will find a “View Recent Tweets” link in their contact profile. This link will bring up your contacts five latest tweets without having to leave the contact page and without being directed to the Twitter website.
  • Multi-Channel Perspective of Contact History: The history record for each contact contains information on what the contact has received from the sales team in the past. With our Twitter integration, the contact’s latest five tweets also appear on the page. There is a “View More” link that allows you to access all of the data on their Twitter account.
  • Sending Sales Collateral and Online Ordering: While scrolling through available collateral, your sales team will see a “Tweet This” link under each piece. By clicking “Tweet This”, the rep will be directed to their Twitter account in a new window. Their status message will be pre-populated (which can be changed) and also include a link to the collateral.

Click here to view a video of our Twitter integration in action.

If you’re ready to start improving and automating your marketing, register for a demo of our software or contact us today!