Customer Communications Management

One-Stop Shopping Fulfillment

The ilinkONEpro software solution allows you to setup online ordering portals. This provides people with the ability to access and order the materials they need, when they need them. But it doesn’t end there: because the portals are built on top of our inventory system, you can truly provide access to all types of materials through one front-end.

For example, a person could access the following types of materials through one storefront:

  • Static Literature
  • Electronic Fulfillment
  • Merchandise
  • Variable Data Print items
  • Digital Assets
  • Premium Items

With this type of access, you are providing many benefits to the end-user. They can quickly and efficiently go to one system, and order all of the materials that they may need. The benefits to you are just as good – you only need to manage one inventory system. You only need to check one page throughout the day to see which orders need to be processed. And, if the end-user finds it easy to place orders, then this will only help increase the amount of transactions that are created.


Electronic Fulfillment

In today’s electronic age, we understand that paper is not the only medium you’ll be using to communicate. ilinkONEpro supports both text and html electronic fulfillment. Our software supports the cataloging of digital asset libraries and as well as the distribution of electronic fulfillment. Electronic materials are easy to administer, manage, and edit. Electronic fulfillment is secure and is managed using multiple criteria to restrict or allow access. Users can select electronic materials from an online inventory and email or download the content. Contact history tells sales professionals when materials are viewed, downloaded and displayed to facilitate proactive and personalized follow-up. Migrating to electronic fulfillment greatly reduces printing, shipping, obsolescence and other inventory related costs.

Benefits of electronic literature fulfillment include:

  • Significantly reduce printing and shipping costs
  • Eliminate message / material obsolescence
  • Track when materials are received, downloaded and viewed

interlinkONE’s industry-leading software is packed with functionality and is still flexible enough to support client tailored implementation.

Physical Fulfillment

ilinkONEpro gives your organization the ability to manage the fulfillment of physical items such as marketing collateral and promotional materials in real time and in a web based environment. Orders placed in the system automatically update inventory and manage backorders. Processed orders generate a pick and pack slip including a bar code for simple scanning. Shipping information is also retained within the system to ensure an on-time delivery. Inventory levels are monitored and electronic communication is sent based on client specific replenishment settings.

Benefits of web-based physical literature fulfillment include:

  • Manage all marketing and promotional inventory via the internet
  • Support pre-built kits and kits built on the fly
  • Facilitate ordering from unlimited numbers of locations
  • Track inventory levels, part usage, and history in real-time
  • Set electronic notifications to ensure inventory levels maximize profits
  • Capture a complete history of all ordered and processed items from one centralized location

interlinkONE’s industry-leading software is packed with functionality and is still flexible enough to support client tailored implementation.

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