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Book Build

A (Nearly) Plug & Play Book Compilation Solution

Do you get a headache just thinking about compiling your new training manual?

iLinkONEpro has a new solution that makes updating and rearranging your book into a
print-ready document much easier.

Need to make an update to a manual you’ve previously created in our system?

Just upload the new chapter(s),
reorder as you like, and you’re done!

Have different training classes that only need select parts of your total manual?

Your training coordinator can easily tailor manuals for each individual class.

WELCOME to Book Build

Book Build Features

• Save a template, including your table of contents,
covers, end papers, etc.

• Add chapters from inside the system or uploading new

• Easily make the changes you want

• TOC will automatically update based on your titles

• Look over the Final PDF version

• Submit and receive your print ready file

• Send to your printer or end users electronically

Compilation to Print in No Time

Thanks to this nearly plug & play system, you can
create a whole series of books in a fraction of the
time, just by importing your chapters in PDF form.
Once the content is uploaded, you can compile,
reorder, and print – all from one simple platform.

Best of all, you can choose any repeatable
elements you’d like to remain in our system
(front and back covers, TOC, About [Your
Company], etc). These pieces form your
template and can be used again and again.

If you regularly create books for your customers or
employees, you’ll love Book Build. We’re excited to
show you

Customizations in a Snap

Need to create different versions of your book for different languages or audiences? No problem – you can create multiple templates and just upload the new chapter versions.