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iilinkMRC is a cloud-based Marketing Resource Center for Educational Institutions that saves time and money while always controlling the brand and following your business rules. The Marketing Resource Center allows your teams, departments, partners, students, access to the marketing assets and materials in one centralized rules-based solution.

  • A single digital and digital/physical asset management location to handle all your users marketing and sales assets.
  • Allow your users to get the information they need when they need it.
    • Customize, submit and an order to your internal print shop and/or print it on demand!
  • Set rules to determine which materials are available to each user group.
  • Allow the users to customize only the elements you set for them in the variable pieces, while controlling your branding.
  • Control which users can order what and when.
  • Decide which materials can be printed locally or what can be sent directly to your internal print shop.
  • Control what materials and how often materials can be ordered.
  • Set approval rules before orders are released for processing.
  • Control what items need approval before an order is released.
  • Automate attachments and riders for incentives or whatever material should accompany the materials being sent.
  • Get reports via a real-time dashboard on what marketing material is being ordered and by who.
  • Make decisions based on the data the system provides you.

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The Marketing Resource Center is an easy to use, mobile friendly user interface. Users can access and customize marketing assets and collateral from one location.

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