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Our ilinkONEpro software is a distributed marketing platform. ilinkONEpro is a multi-tenant, multi-user application that encompasses everything from running complete marketing campaigns, to tracking inventory complete with various which allows you to manage your warehouse, and fulfilling both electronic and hardcopy orders. With our software, you will be able to automate business processes that will allow you to reduce overhead costs and operate more efficiently. ilinkONEpro is a complex customer communications management software and has helped customers who offer a wide variety of services, in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Marketing Service Providers
  • Printers
  • Fulfillment Service Providers
  • Direct Mail Providers
  • E-Commerce Solution Providers
  • Warehouses
  • Financial Service Providers
  • Distribution Services
  • And More . . .
Warehouse Management, screen shot in ilinkONEpro

Warehouse Management

Our cloud-based ilinkWAREHOUSE™ module helps to manage the operational aspects of your inventory and warehouse in order to save time, resources and money. IlinkWAREHOUSE is full of capabilities and features, including maintaining multiple warehouses, managing all of your inventory, customization and integration possibilities, effectively tracking your inventory, report building, build-on-demand and build-on-the-fly kitting, automated reorder points, cycle counting and so much more. As a core piece of your organization’s supply chain, ilinkWAREHOUSE™ will expand your efficiency and productivity.

Order Management

ilinkORDERS™ was developed to meet the unique needs of literature and promotional item fulfillment. This real-time cloud-based solution allows your ‘end users’ to order literature from anywhere, while providing you with complete control over order status, inventory availability, and warehouse fulfillment operations. Other features and capabilities inside ilinkORDERS include complex kitting, multiple versions of an item, automated email alerts, budget allocations, a multi-client, multi-warehouse interface that supports each client with their own look, feel and business rules and more.

Order Management, screen shot in ilinkONEpro
Digital Storefronts, screenshot in ilinkONEpro

Digital Storefronts

IlinkONEpro has added a Woocommerce integration to its’ digital storefront capabilities. Easier and better than ever, you can create a customized digital storefront, portraying your company or client’s colors and graphics with the ability to point directly back to the fulfillment side of ilinkONEpro. Through Woocommerce payment gateways, ilinkONEpro doesn’t need your customers financial information either. New order placed or product added? No problem. Everything is seamlessly integrated with ilinkONEpro.

Web to Print and Variable Data Printing

The ilinkPRINT™ module of our ilinkONEpro software allows you to manage a digital web store of your collateral that can be customized and personalized. This module is a perfect fit for your complex web-to-print and variable data printing needs. Add-Ons such as book build and proposal builder, allow clients to rebrand and customize documents without having to start from scratch. With this streamlined workflow and easy reorder process, ilinkPRINT makes it easy to send the right document to the right recipient.

Web to Print and Variable Data Printing. icon
In-Depth Reporting, diagram

In-Depth Reporting

Reporting is an important piece to effective fulfillment and warehouse management. As an ilinkONEpro user, you have access to a large database of reports including the ability to see warehouse activity, order history, inventory and parts and more. Don’t see the specific report you need? Don’t worry! You also have the ability to ask for customized reports built upon request.

Marketing and Customer Communications

IlinkONEpro allows for improved customer communications and marketing efforts, alongside your fulfillment. ilinkONEpro gives your organization the ability to manage the fulfillment of physical items such as marketing collateral and promotional materials in real time and in a web based environment. With our ilinkMARKETING and ilinkSALES modules, you can build, monitor, and measure campaigns, generate PURLS, create landing pages, execute email blasts, and much more all from one centralized location.

Marketing and Customer Communications, screenshot in ilinkONEpro