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Effortlessly Manage Innovative Literature Storefronts.

Tired of not having a simpler solution for your employees or franchisees to access their marketing/sales literature?? Try out our new product, digital literature storefronts. A completely customizable front end to any inventory system you may be using today.

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Digital Literature Storefronts is a beautiful, mobile friendly user interface.  Users can customize the literature and then can download immediately or get them printed.

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Digital Literature Storefronts were developed so the users you have can experience an Amazon like experience when they order and customize their literature for use.

Why Digital Literature Storefronts?

  • Easily connect to any inventory system*

  • Mobile phone ordering

  • Brand Control

  • Excellent User Experience

  • Real-time inventory Synch

  • Customizing literature for POD or immediate download

Contact us at anytime for  a no pressure discussion on how it all works.  sales@interlinkone.com

* Don’t have an inventory or warehouse system? We have you covered there as well!  Just ask!