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What Our Clients Say

Our solutions are aligned to help businesses and associations grow their marketing efforts. That’s what we do. Plain and simple. But don’t just take it from us. Look at what our clients have to say . . .

“InterlinkONE has been a great partner in assisting and supporting our clients with their software solutions for warehousing, fulfillment, and storefronts. The storefronts are well designed and user-friendly. The biggest benefit of what InterlinkONE offers is the reporting and admin side of their software. We are able to provide information and data to our clients on activity that allows them to make better decisions about how to utilize their assets. If and when we get special requests, the staff at InterlinkONE is always willing to offer suggestions and solutions to get it done.”

– Wayne Marshall
Flatout Branding

“Our experience with MAX has been great. Our small company needed something that would allow us to implement our marketing strategy without needing a full-time resource or making a big investment. With MAX we are now able to design and push digital campaigns, manage contacts and track the results of our efforts…. all on one platform! Recently the software was updated with new features and the online videos and instructions were awesome. With these new features, we can now manage our content calendar, view our social media activity and monitor who is coming to our website… all in one place! We now have the marketing engine we always wanted but didn’t think we could navigate or afford…. THANKS MAX!!!”

– Craig Lennon
Director of Business Development, Ship-Right Solutions

Thanks so much to the interlinkONE team. When an issue was discovered, an interlinkONE team member contacted me to fix the situation and make it right. Solid customer service in the face of a challenge.

– Richie Escovedo
Chapter Director, PRSA Fort Worth Chapter

“We have truly enjoyed working with every member of the expert staff you have in place at Grow Socially. They have always been patient, helpful, and friendly. Your customer service is outstanding, offering quick responses to questions, and a willingness to thoughtfully work through unique issues that cropped up as we progressed toward going live. On top of all that, the additional training provided recently was immeasurable. Your team’s enthusiasm, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence, was ever-present throughout the entire process.”

– Robin Doucette
Marketing & Business Development, Oasis Systems

“MAX is a user-friendly and well-designed system that stands apart from any marketing automation platform you’ve probably seen. We were able jump right in and start building and executing campaigns that yield real results. MAX avoids having to re-invent the wheel to send out each step in a marketing campaign, you can build the entire campaign beforehand with little time investment and have MAX deliver it successfully. Then using MAX’s reporting capability, check out the results.”

– Ed Marino
CEO, CodeMantra

You guys are great at what you do: delivery as promised, thorough, concise, timely.

– Nancy Scott
Marketing AdVents

We have used interlinkONE’s fulfillment software for over 5 years and there are several reasons why. From the founder, to sales and marketing, the folks who do invoices, the people who take the calls, the programmers, and the technical support, they’re real people and they’re very personable. We always feel like we’re treated as a priority customer whenever we call into interlinkONE. They have also allowed us to integrate into our clients’ processes, which builds much stronger relationships with them. Custom programming has allowed us to be a better, more efficient operation.

– Director of Operations
H&H Graphics Group

“Meeting John Foley, Jr., author of “Business Transformation, A New Path to Profit in the Printing Industry” and reading his book was exactly what I was looking for to grow our print and direct mail marketing company into a Marketing Solutions Provider. John has incredible knowledge and is a wonderful source of information which he shares with enthusiasm. John came up with an incredible program to get the ball rolling. We needed to revamp our website and had all the content ready to go. interlinkONE and Grow Socially’s entire team were great to work with. Their expertise and advice was greatly appreciated. Another benefit to the program is that while we are involved with our blog and marketing materials, they are there to get it done and to keep us on track. Thanks for our awesome website and support! You really delivered!”

– Patricia Banas
Latka Communications

“Idealliance has been utilizing Grow Socially’s expert knowledge in strategic marketing and social media for almost two years. Not only has Grow Socially provided us with a strategic marketing plan, they have also helped us execute it. They worked with us to redesign Idealliance.org, increase engagement in our social media channels and Higher Logic online community portal. It has been a pleasure working with their staff as they respond quickly to our needs and take the time to learn what our goals and objectives are before offering a solution. I would highly recommend Grow Socially to businesses (or associations) looking to grow and expand their marketing presence.”

– Director of Marketing

“To interlinkONE team: On behalf of the entire PRSA team, thank you so much for your help in getting the website up and running! With Gratitude, 

– Kimberly Devitt
PRSA Orlando Chapter

We have been utilizing interlinkONE’s expert knowledge in strategic marketing for almost two years. It has been a pleasure working with their staff as they respond quickly to our needs and take the time to learn what our goals and objectives are before offering a solution. I would highly recommend interlinkONE and their solutions to associations looking to grow and expand both membership and their marketing presence.

– Director of Marketing
National Association of Printing Leadership

“Hiring Grow Socially for consulting is the best thing I have ever done for my company.”

– Tim Slattery
CFS, Inc.

“Working with Grow Socially has been a positive experience for the American Stroke Association. The Grow Socially team took the time to listen and understand our needs and desired outcomes. The process of merging two programs and therefore two separate Facebook accounts was a foreign one to us. We received thorough direction in how to go about the process and complete the merge in a timely manner. The in-depth marketing plan that we received at the end of the process is extremely helpful in carrying out a successful campaign on various social media accounts. I feel confident that the Grow Socially team will be easily accessible in the future if we continue to need guidance.”

– Lauren Carroll
American Stroke Association & Tedy’s Team

“I am very grateful to John Foley and his team for all they do for Rescigno’s everyday. We have been working with them for over a year and we are more than satisfied with their services. They have helped us become the marketing service provider that we needed to become in order to survive this depressed economy. John has done so much more for us than guide our social media marketing — he’s become a business confidant and friend. He and his team are knowledgeable, professional and generous with their time and talent. We at Rescigno’s are proud to be part of the Grow Socially family and look forward to working together for a long time.”

– Sue Rescigno
Rescigno’s Marketing Connections

Using InterlinkONE’s software to provide a complete marketing services package allows us to build a symbiotic relationship with our clients over time. InterlinkONE’s software allows us to help our clients streamline and automate their data process, but it also accomplishes something even greater: It allows us to become a trusted advisor and business peer.

– Director of Marketing Services
Edwards Graphic Arts

“The task of rebranding the association – revamping and redesigning a website, marketing strategies, execution, taking on new tasks and ideas, and more – is daunting, and having Grow Socially on our team was an invaluable asset. Their insight and expertise when it came to redesigning our website enabled us to build a tool that gave us the ability to better communicate, educate, and market to our membership. Not only that, but they gave us the support and training we needed to manage and improve that tool ourselves.
They were able to recognize where our site lacked to our prospective users, assess and balance the needs of site managers, formulate a plan to reorganize, rebuild, while in the process educating us as to how to better utilize this new cornerstone in our communications – all while maintaining a positive, upbeat attitude, regardless of how many questions we asked! Since then, engaging their consulting services to help us revamp our marketing strategy and execution has helped us achieve enormous progress.
Their ideas, fresh perspective, and know-how have helped Brittney and I take Idealliance’s marketing in a better direction, and improve the way we used our marketing tools and assets. The Grow Socially team responds quickly to questions and requests, makes the time to assist us when we need it, has helped educate us so that we can execute more and more on our own – and again, always with a positive attitude! I don’t think our marketing program would be anywhere near what it is today without them – thank you, Grow Socially!”

– Michelle Raymond