5 Tips For A Great Website Homepage

A great website begins with an effective homepage.

If someone were to visit your company’s website, what do you think their initial reactions are?  Are they able to easily determine what services your company offers?

Is your company utilizing the full potential of your home page?

Below are five key aspects that each homepage of any website should include:

1. Content

When developing your company’s website, you must consider what aspects of your company are most important to the overall function of your business. The main goal of a home page is to drive visitors to internal pages of the website.

The easiest way to do this is to incorporate teasers of information that require someone to link into an internal page to learn more information on the numerous topics such as who your company is, what services and products you offer and most importantly what sets you apart from your competitors.

2. Stay Current

While having the right content is key, it is important to make sure that your website offers new content on a regular basis. A great way to continually add updated content to your website is by including a blog. A more creative way to include recent content is through images as well as banners, which can highlight new services or even a recent campaign.

3. Social Media Integration

With so many people and other companies utilizing social media in order to communicate with current and potential customers, it is important to incorporate social media into your website. As a result, people will be able to find your company on social media and provide them with another channel to interact and learn about your company.

4. Call to Action

When people visit your website, are they able to interact with the site? For instance, being able to sign up for an E-Newsletter or download a white paper only will not allow people to interact with your website, but it also provides your company with the ability to capture people’s information.

5. Design

While all social media integration, calls to action and great content is key, the one element that is crucial to the overall effectiveness of a home page is the design. The design of a website has the ability to make or break a website.

For instance, your company could have the best content, but if it is being presented poorly, then you run the risk of turning people away from your site. When deciding on a design, it is crucial to include an easy navigation within a simplistic design that includes your company’s branding.

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Improving Conversion Rates for Landing Pages – 5 Simple Tips

When building landing pages, the window of customer action is small. You need to craft your page to maximize the chances of the viewer doing whatever it is you want them to do, downloading a White Paper, subscribing to an eNewsletter, etc.

Here are five quick tips to make sure you are building an optimized landing page.

1. Less Is More

Don’t overburden your visitors. It is a challenge of all web pages to keep viewers engaged for more than a few seconds. Extraneous clutter and excessive questioning will drive prospects away. Request only the information you really need. And remember, white space can be your friend.

2. Write Airtight Text and Headlines

There won’t be a lot on your landing page, so each word you put down needs to pack a wallop. Use a captivating headline and text filled with buzzwords. And, as always, check your spelling and grammar. One mistake on a page with only 50 words will be immediately noticeable.

3. Offer No Escape

Okay, this is a little overly-dramatic. But remove all navigation bars or any buttons or links that may lead your visitor to any other page or site. If you get someone to check out the landing page, you want them to fill out the form.

4. Integrate Social Media

Having social media badges on your landing pages introduces legitimacy and the idea that other people really like the product or service you are offering. You can never have too many positive testimonials. And think about integrating a video as well – explaining the product or service while humanizing your brand as well.

5. Looks Matter

Don’t overlook design. A clunky, unsightly interface will turn away a potential client faster than anything. Keep it classy.


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QR Codes in the Wild: April 2012 Edition

Each month, we publish blog posts on QReateAndTrack.com about QR Codes that we have come across while we are out and about. Recently, we've seen a great increase of creative ways that people are using QR Codes in their marketing efforts.

Below are some of the pieces that caught our attention over the past few months. We hope that you enjoy them.

Frozen Yogurt and QR Codes

QR Codes used by Yeh - frozen yogurt, print, and mobile!

QR Codes Cupcakes from CustomXM

QR Code Cupcakes

QR Codes on an Electronic Billboard

QR Codes on an interactive billboard

Worlds Largest Nachos QR Code

QR Codes on Nachos: Menu for the Nines

Lord and Taylor QR Code

Longchamp using QR Codes

LongChamp using QR Codes

Rock it out with QR Codes

QR Code - inspired by music

TurboTax using QR Codes

TurboTax using QR Codes

QR Code Taxi Ride

QR Code used by taxi company to gain feedback


Showing Some Love via QR Codes

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and perhaps you are stuck looking for a last-minute gift… Or you want to stand out as unique…Or, you’re trying to get the attention of someone that is addicted to their mobile phone.

If any of those things are true, we have a little application that may be able to help you:

Send them a QR Code Valentine message by simply visiting http://ilnk.me/Love2012


Each month we write tons of blog posts on QReateAndTrack.com about the QR Codes that we come across while we are out and about. This month like every other month, we saw plenty of creative ways that people are using QR Codes in their marketing efforts.

Below are some of the pieces that caught our attention over the past month. We hope that you enjoy them.

Salvation Army Donation

Victoria’s Secret



PCC Natural Markets

Harry Potter