interlinkONE, Inc. Launches New ilinkONEpro Add-on: Book Build

WILMINGTON, Mass. – (November 8, 2017) interlinkONE, Inc., a leader in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of a new capability inside of our distributed marketing solution, ilinkONEpro. Book Build is a new capability that opens the door for many of our clients and their current customers.

InterlinkONE Book Build: A (Nearly) Plug & Play Book Compilation Solution

Do you get a headache just thinking about compiling your new training manual?

Put away those aspirin. InterlinkONE has a new solution that makes updating and rearranging your book into a print-ready document much easier.

Welcome to Book Build.

Save a template (which can include all of your repeatable elements, like front & back covers, table of contents, and end papers). Add chapters in PDF form, either from pieces you’ve previously added to our system or upload new ones. Rearrange until you’re happy with the flow of your new book – the dynamically populated TOC will update based on your chapter titles.

Once you’re done tinkering, you’ll get a single PDF to preview and edit or approve. When you’re happy with the book, Book Build will generate a final, print-ready document you can send to your printer or deliver to your end users electronically.

Customizations in a Snap

Need to create different versions of your book for different languages or audiences? No problem – you can create multiple templates and just upload the new chapter versions.

Need to make an update to a manual you’ve previously created in our system? Just upload the new chapter(s), reorder as you like, and you’re done!

Have different training classes that only need select parts of your total manual? Your training coordinator can quickly select just the units they want to include – so manuals tailored to each individual class are simple to create.

Compilation to Print in No Time

Thanks to this nearly plug & play system, you can create a whole series of books in a fraction of the time, just by importing your chapters in PDF form. Once the content is uploaded, you can compile, reorder, and print – all from one simple platform.

Best of all, you can choose any repeatable elements you’d like to remain in our system (front and back covers, TOC, About [Your Company], etc). These pieces form your template and can be used again and again.

If you regularly create books for your customers or employees, you’ll love Book Build. We’re excited to show you how it can streamline your book creation process.


About interlinkONE, Inc. 
interlinkONE has been in the SaaS industry for over twenty years. Led by CEO John Foley Jr., our team continues to be pioneers in the world of technology and online marketing solutions. ilinkONEpro is our distributed marketing and warehouse management solution. The solution streamlines operations and reduces cost by unifying all marketing communications and initiatives.

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Dan Luise
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Social Prospecting – What Should You Be Listening For?

Are you looking to boost sales and find new leads for your business? Then social prospecting is the way to go. People are using social media in their billions, which means no matter what your business is offering, there are people out there on social media who want it. Social prospecting is the art of finding those people, listening to what they have to say, and then engaging them.

How Social Prospecting Works


Social prospecting works by listening to conversations on social media to find good prospects for your business. The question is, just how can you do that, considering the number of conversations taking place on social media every moment of every day?

The answer is, first of all, to plan carefully what to listen for (more on that in a moment). The next step is to figure out how you’re going to do that. A social prospecting tool, which is designed to bring you the most relevant information, can help you prospect successfully and isolate the conversations that matter to your brand.

What Should You Be Listening For?


So now you’re clear on what social prospecting is – listening on social media to find strong leads for your brand – the big question is what should you listen for?

An obvious place to start of course is brand mentions. Looking for brand mentions will let you know who is talking about your business and what they’re saying, but to prospect successfully you’ll need to drill down beyond brand mentions. Competitor mentions can also be useful. Who is using your competitors? Even more importantly, who is complaining about your competitors? Show them why your business is a better choice.

Listen For Buying Signals


Customers on social media are constantly letting you know that they’re ready to buy. All you have to do is listen. People love to talk about purchases on social media, and frequently ask questions, share opinions, follow businesses that interest them or share pictures of intended purchases.

Listen out for key phrases that show intent to buy or a strong interest in finding the right products, such as:

  • I’m in the market for…
  • Can anyone recommend?
  • Where can I find?
  • I’m looking for …
  • Has anyone used this product?
  • Is it any good?
  • Is this available near me?
  • Where can I buy this?
  • I want to know more about …

Customers are giving clear indicators that they’re ready to buy. Social prospecting helps you hear those indicators.

Find Customers That Match Your Ideal Demographics


Another way to use social prospecting is to look for customers who match your ideal customer demographic. Say for example you offer a party planning service. With social prospecting, you can search for people who have made mention of needing to plan a leaving part or birthday do, or who are asking questions about party planning, venues or party supplies, and who live in your local area.

To maximize your success with social prospecting, choose a tool that lets you draw up profiles so you can find people who match those and see who is the closest fit for your business.

You’ve Found Your Leads – Now What?


You’ve used social prospecting to find your leads, now it’s time to convert them into customers. How can you go about doing just that? Start by:

  • Joining conversations and making your business known
  • Showing your value by helping prospects to solve their problems
  • Engaging them with content that’s been specially crafted to speak to their needs and answer their questions
  • Offering content that matches their point in the buying cycle, giving them the information they need and encouraging them to take the next step

Social prospecting is all about cutting through the noise of social media to find people who need a business like yours, then letting them know why you’re the best choice for them. Know what to listen for and build your social prospecting efforts around that to bring you the most promising new leads.


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