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About Us

Who is interlinkONE?

interlinkONE is an industry-leading provider of innovative marketing software and services. We provide solutions that will help you achieve your business and marketing objectives!

In addition to providing tools that will enable you to succeed, our experienced and energetic staff will guide you down a path of best practices that are always tailored to your specific needs. Below are some of the products and services that interlinkONE offers:

Our Story

At interlinkONE, we know that communication is the key to success. We are firmly rooted in the belief that our job is to help our clients grow. Honestly speaking, we’re more than just a team of software experts; we’re a team of marketing and creative professionals, hardworking leaders, and thought provoking, educational speakers. We pride ourselves on the quality development of our software solutions.

While we work hard every day (and the occasional night), our team enjoys being social and having fun! Come visit us just north of Boston and you’ll find a pinball machine, ping-pong table, puzzles, fooseball, Idea Paint walls, and more! Our philosophy is not the typical “work hard, play hard.” We turn that on its head; play hard, work harder!

In our development office, our software engineers share ideas and collaborate daily. They work out their ideas and strategize thoughts on the Idea Paint wall. Doing so allows our developers to freely get their creative juices flowing, while also coming up with innovative ways to grow our software solutions. This is just one example of how we have successfully built a company where no one is hesitant to ask for help, or share ideas and opinions.

For most companies, late nights at work often consist of busy tasks and deadlines, but at interlinkONE, some of our best ideas are thought up through a little bit of healthy competition around a game of ping-pong in the common area.

Our intellectual culture and team mentality is a huge factor in our daily success. We enjoy conversing and brainstorming, and think we’re pretty good at it. If you’d like to start a conversation to discuss how we can help you, please connect with us!

Meet The Team

John Foley Jr.
President and CEO
Jenna Rathe
Executive Assistant
Trevor Foley
Marketing Assistant
Dan Luise
Business Development Executive
Yolanda Huertas
Samantha Lake
Vice President, Association Marketing Services
Rogerio Sa
Director of IT
Jacques Gingras
Senior Software Engineer
Eddy Kelly
Senior Software Engineer
Nick Scalese
Junior Web Developer
Ryan Johnson
Software Engineer