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Our Story: interlinkONE

interlinkONE is an industry-leading provider of cloud-based innovative marketing software and services. We provide solutions for organizations who want to organize and manage all their marketing materials digital or other in an easy to use platform.

In addition to providing tools that will enable you to succeed, our experienced and energetic staff will guide you down a path of best practices that are always tailored to your specific needs. Here is our story:

Formed in 1996 interlinkONE created Web-Based Software applications that served the Fulfillment space. Our solutions were all accessed via the internet and we managed our own infrastructure at the datacenters. Our model was termed “application service providers,” which then transformed into “software as a service,” which we did from the start.

Our customers were either fulfillment providers or actual companies that did their own fulfillment.  Our early years were based on literature fulfillment—pick, pack, and kitting. We expanded to allow for any type of fulfillment, and inventory and warehousing that allowed for product fulfillment. Our order management system was made accessible to field reps and more.

Our customer base included firms as divergent as Cisco Systems and Fireman’s Fund, to name a few.  We added to that collection with the likes of Yale University, Goodway Group, Federal Direct, Fortune 20 financial service organizations, and many more.

We also allowed for digital inventory and ordering in our solution as it didn’t matter if it was on the shelf, print on demand, variable pieces, etc. Our solution has business rules that help the organization control usage based on a variety of things, including inventory, budget, users and more.

In 2002, we rewrote the business plan to include selling to printers. At that time, we decided to partner with variable data software solutions versus building our own. Our software integrates with XMPIE, PageFlex and so many more. Our software also integrates with all of the major shipping carriers and also manifest systems in use today.

As time went on, we added even more to our robust management system. Now, our solutions had management capabilities through various modules focusing on projects, CRM, and marketing. All these modules worked seamlessly in one application.

In 2008 we began looking into offering our solutions individually versus an all in one solution. Along with this, came a branching out into other mobile-first solutions, like QReate & Track and iflymobi.

QReate & Track allowed users to easily create and track QR codes. iflymobi was a web-based, easy-to-use tool that allowed users to build mobile websites.

In 2010, interlinkONE made a very impactful decision about the direction of our work—Grow Socially was established. Under this company and brand, we now offered full marketing services to our customers. From strategic planning to execution initiatives, we did the marketing work for our customers.

In 2015, we launched our first major release of ilinkONEprothe latest version of our flagship software.  The main benefits and enhancements are an improved look and feel, a new UI/UX, and speed of use by the end users.

In Early 2017 we began building our solutions fully on .NET with artificial intelligence.  

By 2020 we had built a standalone Marketing Resource Center and a Digital Asset Management Solution that allows Sales and Marketing departments to not only organize their Items/Sku’s in one place but also provide a controlled environment for sales reps and others to access the materials and use them with the ordering solution.  These orders can then be processed through our Fulfillment solution for processing.

Our team continues to work extremely hard to stay a leader in providing innovative software solutions.

Our intellectual culture and team mentality is a huge factor in our daily success. We enjoy conversing and brainstorming and think we are pretty good at it. If woul like to start a conversation to discuss how we can help you, connect with us today!

Meet The Team

John Foley Jr.
President and CEO
Yolanda Huertas
Trevor Foley
Director of Customer Support

Eddy Kelly
Senior Software Engineer
Nick Scalese
Director of IT and Sr. Web Developer
Luke Foley
Sales and Marketing ilinkMRC