Is Your Fulfillment Company Spread Too Thin?

Many companies across the globe use fulfillment companies to ease their own loads. When a company is spread too thin they usually turn to a fulfillment company to fill orders and ship. But what about when the fulfillment company begins to feel the stress? What can you do if you own a fulfillment company and can’t meet expectations?

Find Your Niche

Some owners of fulfillment companies try to fill many different niches. This can lead to the company taking on far too many clients and too many orders. When these orders begin to fall behind on being filled or shipped, it causes problems for you, your clients, and their customers.

To reduce the possibility of being spread too thin, choose a niche. Don’t try to fill every order under the sun. While you might think that the profits will help you meet goals, more often you will find that you’re scrambling to stay afloat. Choose one or two niches and fill those orders well.

Niche Marketing

Many companies that have their own niche might have trouble finding products or filling orders. By choosing your own niche, you can market your services to these struggling companies. While they may have many orders, they may be falling behind on filling them because they do not have the same resources or know how that your company does. Specialty orders can be hard for small companies to fill, as their contacts do not have the reach that an established fulfillment company such as your own may have.

Become the go-to company for certain items and watch your fulfillment orders speed along. You can market your company as the experts on a certain product or even a certain method of shipping. Anything you can do to keep on target and supply your niche product will be appreciated.

People Walking in Warehouse

Reaching Out

While it might sound odd for you to reach out to other companies, it’s not only possible; it’s a good idea. Since you are filling orders, you need suppliers. Create a partnership with your own supplier(s) in order to always have items in stock or to have them delivered right away if you find that your reserves are thin. Building relationships in your niche will only help your growth and success in the long run.

Let Software Help You

Okay, so we’re a software company, but we’re a software company for a reason. We want to help fulfillment companies grow without stress. Manual processes can be tedious, time-consuming and lead to a greater amount of human error. Having the right software in place can satisfy your niche and cut down on those pain points. Check out how our warehouse and order management software can help!