Is Your Website Driving Leads?

In this day and age, the web is one of the most, if not the most, common way to look up information. If you are supplying a product or service, you most likely have a website. And if your business does not have a website, there are plenty of cheap web hosting options that could help you set one up. Your website is the first impression that someone gets when learning about your business. And, although some may have a better design than others, what really matters is if your website is driving any leads.

It doesn’t matter what your website looks like if there’s no way for it to drive leads to your sales team. You have to make your website interactive if you want to collect information from your viewers so that you can follow up and hopefully, make a sale. There are a few ways to do this but, online forms are where you may want to start.

So what kind of forms should you be looking into? You don’t have to create a lengthy page of survey questions. Here are a few simple forms you should look at adding into your website.

Contact Us Form

This may seem pretty obvious. But, you would be surprised how often a website is missing this contact form or it may be broken. Is your contact form easily seen and available? Is it mobile friendly? If someone is visiting your site and they want to get in contact with you, they should be able to. Make sure your contact form is set up and working.

Content Offers

Yes, a blog area of readily available content is great and needed as well. But, don’t just “give away” all of your resources and content. It can be beneficial to have whitepapers, coupons, or a case study as gated material. Meaning, your website visitor must fill in some of their information to be able to download the content. It can be as simple as a name and email address!

eNewsletter Sign up

Do you have an eNewsletter? You should. eNewsletters can be very simple and easy to create. Don’t be scared off by the idea of having to create this elaborate message every week or month for your audience. Stick to a simple design and layout and easily switch out the content. Set a monthly schedule of just sending one email every month to those that are opted-in. Simple.

So how do you get people to opt-in? Have an eNewsletter sign up form visible all over your website. If your audience is enjoying the content on your site, make sure it is easy for them to sign up and they know what they are signing up for.

At the end of the day, your website should be helping to drive more leads. If you are not seeing results, take the time to review how you have everything organized and step into your audience’s shoes. These three areas, if executed properly, will help drive more leads through your website.