interlinkONE, Inc. Launches New ilinkONEpro Add-on: Proposal Builder

WILMINGTON, Mass. – (November 15, 2017) interlinkONE, Inc., a leader in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of a new capability inside of our distributed marketing solution, ilinkONEpro. Proposal Builder is a new capability that opens the door for many of our clients and their current customers.

InterlinkONE Proposal Builder: A (Nearly) Plug & Play Proposal Compilation Solution

Proposal creation just got easier.

Do your sales reps need to be able to create proposals – quickly and easily – in the field?

Do you need to be able to customize the same proposal for multiple customers?

Welcome to Proposal Builder.

Using our brand new proposal compilation software, you can create a template that includes front and back covers, a table of contents, and any other repeatable elements you want to include.

From there, just add content – you can select PDFs you’ve previously uploaded to our system or upload new ones from within Proposal Builder. Reorder your content as you’d like – our dynamically populated TOC will update based on your PDF titles.

Once you’ve finished adding and reorganizing content, you’ll get a single PDF file to review and edit or approve. When you’re happy with it, Proposal Builder will generate a final, print-ready document to send to the printer or deliver electronically to your customer.

Customizations in a Snap

Creating a new proposal for each customer gets tedious. That’s why we’ve designed Proposal Builder to streamline this process. Save a proposal you’ve created for Customer A, and just add/remove individual pieces to create a new proposal for Customer B.

You can even include customized fields in your template for things like your sales rep’s name, date, and customer name. These fields can be entered from a single customization page, instead of having to re-key those fields for every proposal you create. This way, your sales rep can quickly update and customize an existing proposal for multiple customers.

Faster, Lower-Stress Proposal Creation

Thanks to this nearly plug & play system, you or your sales reps can create customized proposals for individual prospects in minutes. Just choose a template, select which pieces to include (or upload new ones), add info to your customized fields, and you’ve got a high-res PDF or print-ready document for your prospect.

Because your templates can be used again and again, your sales reps won’t have to tackle the technical side of proposal creation – just choose their forms/other pieces, enter the prospect’s name and date, and they’re done.

We’re confident you and your sales team will love Proposal Builder, and we’re excited to show you everything it can do.

About interlinkONE, Inc. 
interlinkONE has been in the SaaS industry for over twenty years. Led by CEO John Foley Jr., our team continues to be pioneers in the world of technology and online marketing solutions. ilinkONEpro is our distributed marketing and warehouse management solution. The solution streamlines operations and reduces cost by unifying all marketing communications and initiatives.

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