Market What You Can Do for the Small Business Owner

When offering different merchant services to small businesses, give them the best. From merchant accounts to marketing and social media, show why you are better. With that in mind, are you doing that these days? If not, why is that? Be the vendor who makes the small business owner feel like you’re the best outsourcing choice. That said, marketing plays a major role in such tasks.

Be the Small Business Provider That No One Else Can Be

To be that small business provider that no one else is, pass any vetting done by business owners. Some of the important traits you want to have:

1. Respect

Why is it that your brand gets respect more so than others? It may be because you offer products and/or services that are superior to your competition. For instance, do you have a merchant solution that is worth one’s time in preventing chargebacks? If so, you’ve got a winner on your hands. For those not aware, chargebacks can cost businesses millions of dollars. In running a small business, the owner allows customers to use their credit cards. In turn, some of those customers fail to make the payment. They decide they do not want the item(s) purchased or never intended to pay for them in the first place. Either way, the small business owner receives the bill. If you offer a merchant solution for this or other such problems, let small business owners know. You can market your brand through blog posts, press releases, social media and more.

The goal is to show small business owners why your products and services are more respected.

2. Authority

As a business owner sees a vendor looking authoritative, that vendor has an advantage. You can earn authority in many ways. One of them is by writing stellar blog content for your website. You can also try and get that content published on other sites as a guest blogger. As more small business owners read the great things that you and your brand do, they are more inclined to reach out. Having an authoritative look and feel can do wonders for your image and sales revenue. As such, market that authority any chance you get.

3. Results

What good are you to any small business owner if you can’t show results? Your results should bring in increased sales and revenue for various companies. Do your best to promote your track record of success. Press releases, social media, and even video are all great resources. You can also include such results in some of your social networking efforts. By showing small businesses that you are the ones for the job, your phone or email should heat up.

With those tips in mind, are you doing enough marketing to show what you can do for the small business owner.

About the Author: Dave Thomas covers marketing and business topics on the web.