Is Outdoor Advertising in the Cards for Your Brand?

How much time and effort (including money) do you invest in outdoor advertising for your brand?

While you may be doing just fine with online ads, newspaper and magazine promotions, even television and/or radio ads, getting your brand’s name seen and heard outside on billboards and other advertising vehicles is quite beneficial.

That said where do you start when it comes to outdoor advertising for your brand?

Finding the Right Messenger

In order to get your outdoor advertising game headed in the right direction, the first key is finding the right messenger.

While there are many marketing firms out there with which to work with, finding the one you truly click with is important.

Among the factors to take into consideration when sizing up different firms:

  • Experience – How long have they been in the marketing business, specifically outdoor advertising? Do they create billboard messages (see more below) that resonate with consumers?
  • Pricing – If you are working with a tight advertising/marketing budget, getting the most for your dollar is important. That said don’t automatically go with the cheapest firm out there.
  • Service – Like any company you work with, customer service can’t be compromised. Look for a firm that has a stellar track record in this area.

Lastly, talk to other friendly businesses you know, getting their two cents on which marketing firms they would recommend.

In many cases, those conversations can yield a lot of good information, information that may very well help you in selecting the best marketing firm out there.

What Will Your Message Be?

Once you have the right marketing firm to serve as your messenger, what will your message end up being?

For instance, if you work in the real estate business, you know all too well what a grind it can be in moving homes etc. With that in mind, your outdoor advertising needs to hit home with potential buyers and sellers.

Whether you are using billboard ads, ads at bus stations or on buses and taxis, even ads on Uber or Lyft vehicles, you need to make the most of the available space.

While many outdoor ads end up being rather mundane when all is said and done, be creative with your efforts.

Certain images (children, puppies etc.) tend to resonate with consumers, so see how you can work something into your message that will make your brand easy to remember. Although you are limited in the space you have to work with, creativity will oftentimes win you points (and hopefully business) with many consumers.

Lastly, key items to get on those ads would of course be your business name, phone number, and certainly a website address.

With millions and millions of consumers using the Internet these days to search for just about everything, don’t leave your online business card (your web address) off the ad.

Don’t Forget About Placement

Finally, where your outdoor ads are placed is as important as anything else you will do.

In working with a marketing firm, get their feedback on where your ad will likely get the most notice.

Going back to the real estate example a moment ago, having your billboard or other outdoor message situated just before people come into town is a good idea.

In many cases, people (oftentimes individuals and families not from the area) will drive through a town with the idea of looking at homes and the town in general. If they see your creative real estate ad just as they are coming into town, it gives them a Realtor with which to consider doing business with.

When it comes to getting your marketing message heard and seen by countless consumers, outdoor advertising should definitely be in the cards for your brand.

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About the Author: Dave Thomas covers marketing items on the web.