Can Automated Marketing Work for My Business?

Simple answer, Yes.

Many marketing departments should consider using automated marketing solutions. There are many different solutions that businesses might use to improve their marketing departments. For example, they could use something like Hubspot. HubSpot is great for businesses seeking to accelerate growth and require an easy way to manage date, marketing and sales, you can check out Hubspot reviews and ratings here, if you are interested in learning more about it. While automation may make it sound as if you are using computers to take over the marketing department duties, there’s no loss of control with automated marketing. In fact, you’ll gain more control than ever before. When done correctly, automated marketing platforms are an extra pair of hands for your marketing person or department.

There are several different versions of software that will automate the repetitive portions of marketing. The sales effectiveness of a marketing department can be increased by choosing the right platform. High powered software can help with everything from lead generation to lead qualification. Most of the programs are offered from Internet-based applications, though standalone software does exist. These locally installed programs will need an experienced manager to keep the application running smoothly. Internet-based programs are either designed to be run without an experienced user or are typically offered with a customer service and tech package.


AutoMKTQuite a few automated programs have a tracking function incorporated. These tracking functions are embedded into social media campaigns, web pages, and marketing emails to reveal the behavior of recipients or interested users by recording email – whether opened or following embedded links, social media link monitoring, and pages viewed. This activity allows the marketer to determine which products or services are more appealing to the majority of their target audience.

Automation of Marketing

The heart and soul of automated marketing is when the program helps move leads through the marketing funnel. At the top of the funnel are the interested browsers. Through emails, then follow up call reminders (to the marketing department), the software helps those browsing parties become sales leads at the bottom of the funnel. You could even start toLearn how to implement Adwords automation to help your marketing thrive to its full potential.

Workflow Management

More sophisticated programs help manage the workflow in a marketing department. While the initial information needs to be input by a human, once entered the data can be created automatically. This data can include workflow, marketing calendars, budgeting, asset creating, and triggers for sales marketing campaigns or emails.

Sales or Spam?

Marketing emails are often sent to spam folders. This is due to over-sending, repeated emails, or material that is not relevant to customers. Potential customers can become non-interested parties very quickly if they find too many emails from any business in their inbox. To avoid this, create several different types of messages based on customer activity. Do not allow the emails to go out more than once per week and let customers choose their email preferences. Remember that having emails marked as spam too often can result in fines or even your website being blacklisted by your web-host or Internet service provider.

Can I Afford It?

For some small businesses, the price of automated marketing can be prohibitive. Certain software can run over $1,000 per month. Companies with a high profit may not have a problem, as automated marketing can help generate more leads. There are many different solutions and some may fall into your budget range. If there are enough potential leads, the cost may be worth investing in automated marketing.


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