5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait to Move to Digital Marketing

The Internet is a gateway to millions of potential consumers. These consumers, in some way, shape, or form are always connected to the net. Google even made those glasses, walking with the World Wide Web, your pupils greeted with tweets from your favorite celebrity. Digital marketing goes beyond that of traditional methods of marketing. Companies cannot just rely on television and radio ads, even billboards, to get their product across to the masses. That’s why a lot of companies are looking at things like this White Hat Seo to help them get their products out. But promoting your business is incredibly hard. Especially when your business is so niche! The SEO Dentist suggest a dental seo specialist will always get better results for your practice than a general seo company as they know the market they are working in! They must retreat into social media and the e-mails of those interested. You’re tapping into a base of would-be consumers that would otherwise not give your business a second look and that one reason alone should be enough to make the move to digital. How about another four?

1. You reach a bigger audience, for less cash

With the Internet, there’s no need to go to the printer and make countless copies of flyers or anything promotional. If you’re a small business, the best way to tap into your audience is through social media. Just three years ago, Apple made the switch into digital marketing; the reason? They know it works. There’s only so much an ad of a dancing man can entice someone to actually go buy a product, especially if consumers are not watching live television. Also, the cost of a television ad is, to say the least, a lot. Why not use Twitter instead? Through Twitter, you’re getting a live reaction from users, which is how one can gauge their audience, plus it’s free to make an account. Any social media platform can benefit your business and what’s even more powerful: word of mouth. One positive review of your business can result in widespread sharing and higher rankings with search engines. All it takes is a bit of keyboard magic.

2. You can interact anywhere, anytime

With social media, you can interact with your potential customers from anywhere, on your own time. Take a look at my top examples of digital transformation.
With traditional forms of advertising, you stuff a bunch of people into a room and talk details about an ad, making it a lunch. Picture Mad Men, men in suits, women with scarfs sitting in a conference room, cigarette smoke clouding the air. They’re all pitching ideas, catchphrases, and television ad concepts for their clients. It’s time-consuming and yes, if a company has money they can hire a digital marketing agency to handle all the fun stuff, just like Sterling, Cooper, Draper, and Pryce. However, if you’re more of the small business type, you can hop on any social media site and type away. You can launch a promotion with a click of a button or alert your followers to a sale that you just decided to have, while you’re in pajamas.

3. Having a personalized experience

Traditional forms of marketing are very broad. You have to nail your target audience and just focus on them, as a giant cluster of money. Now, with the blessing that is social media, you’re able to talk to your customer. Consumer interaction should be conversational. Online postings should feel organic, natural, and not promotional. If you’re engaging with users, comment and reply with/to them. Plus, you can give them insight into products and promotions, which leads us to be…

4. Interactive

In order to command social media, you must be one with social media. You have to interact like a regular user and like above, it’s all about natural conversation. You have to be active too, constantly posting, but not to the extent of annoying your user base. On how much to post, that goes with practice and your type of audience, but my recommendation would be, no spamming. Posting continuous content right after the other is an easy way to drive away followers. Don’t be the aunt that pinches cheeks and asks personal questions at the family get together. Instead, take after the cool aunt, who chats with an air of nonchalance, while holding a glass of red wine.

5. Untapped customers

Social media allows personal access to anyone; the Internet does as a whole. Not everyone is glued to their television screens or even pays for regular channels. Folks nowadays like the commercial free option. Now you’re able to capture a customer’s attention with a blog post, which most likely would not have happened with traditional marketing. You have the ability to access these untapped customers, you just have to turn those lemons into lemonade.

Digital marketing is now. It’s effective, but it has to be done effectively. You can hire a digital marketing agency for all the posting and writing, but if you’re the underdog with a few coins to your name, go ahead and get out there. You can do it too. All it takes is some creativity, perseverance, and an Internet connection.


About the Author: Brittany Torano is a creative writer and currently writes content on behalf of the digital marketing experts at The Marketing Zen Group. On her downtime you can see her swimming laps in a pool, running around her neighborhood, or holed up in a movie theater with a bucket of popcorn. You can connect with Brittany on LinkedIn.