There’s a difference between marketing and marketing that’s diverse enough to reach a number of different audiences and cultures.

If your business truly wants to increase customer outreach, then diversity marketing can help.

With effective campaigning in mind, here are just a few reasons diversity marketing is important for your business:

What is Diversity Marketing?

Group of happy business people walking together on streetAlthough most major marketing campaigns are aimed at general audiences, more and more businesses are setting their sights on diverse audiences. This is where diversity marketing comes into play.

Diversity marketing targets specific audience groups or subgroups based on their gender, age, religion, profession, physical characteristics, ethnicity, sexual preference, and so on. This type of marketing gives businesses more opportunity to reach a wider audience.

As the article, “Diversity Marketing: Who’s Doing It?” looks at, more and more businesses are adopting diversity marketing and it’s increasing their customer outreach like never before.

If your business is considering creating diversity marketing campaigns, here are a few successful examples already on the market:

  • Swiffer – This household cleaning company currently has a commercial featuring a disabled father receiving a surprise Swiffer Sweeper care package.
  • Chevrolet – Chevy’s new TV spot features same-sex parents talking about their vehicles. The campaign is titled “Pave New Roads.”
  • Coca Cola – Last year, Coke’s Super Bowl commercial featured people of different ethnicities singing “America the Beautiful” in different languages.
  • Guinness – Guinness’s new marketing campaign follows the pre and post-game activities of a wheelchair league basketball team.

All of the diversity marketing examples above are helping those companies find new customers.

The question is what are some other benefits of diversity marketing for your business?

Avoiding Exclusion

Sometimes exclusivity is a good thing in marketing. Customers love exclusive deals and offers.

However, excluding customers because they aren’t represented in your marketing campaigns is never a good thing.

By taking a diversity marketing approach, your business can avoid excluding audiences of different backgrounds.

When your business includes different races, ages, genders, and so on in its marketing approaches, it opens up more opportunities to attract new audiences.

Embracing Progression

Audiences are changing every day, which means the old ways of mass marketing no longer work.

With diversity marketing, your business can actually prove to current customers and potential customers that it’s embracing progression. Not only progression in the marketing world; but progression in society as well.

Featuring multiple races, body types, religions, and sexual identities shows your customers that your brand is ahead of the times, not stuck in the past.

Subgroups Are Larger Than You Might Think

If you think mass marketing is the best way to reach audiences, think again.

Subgroups are larger than you might think and they’re growing all the time. Targeting your marketing message will result in an impressive amount of outreach.

Pretty soon, these “subgroups” will be the standard.

By adopting a diversity marketing approach now, you’ll be ahead of competition and you’ll have the following to prove it.

When it comes to truly attracting a growing audience, diversity marketing is the answer.

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About the Author” Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including marketing and customer outreach.