interlinkONE’s team of fulfillment operations experts sat down recently and developed a quick list of useful tips for service providers who are looking to expand their warehouse, fulfillment, and inventory solutions base. It’s not enough nowadays to simply add a page to your website that says you are now offering inventory and warehouse management as a solution. So, if you’re looking to capitalize on the opportunities posed by many businesses’ difficulties with inventory and warehouse management, consider these tips:

  • It all starts with a plan. When it comes to offering services to a wide range of industries, and combating business challenges such as difficulty with order placement, it all starts with a plan.
  • Remember who your customer base is. Segmenting your warehouse and inventory offerings by industry is a key element to remember when crafting your plan as well.
  • Utilize information from friendly competitors. Before offering fulfillment services to a new market, find market leaders who have successfully offered these types of solutions in the past and that are willing to share their secrets.
  • Identify the best in class vendor suppliers who can help you. Providing quality inventory and warehouse management solutions takes partnerships and relationship building with vendors, contractors, and other suppliers who all play critical roles in your production.
  • Be conscious of any skillsets that will be needed. Before you dive in and start offering solutions to the struggling marketplace, be sure to identify any necessary skillsets you will need to run successfully.
  • Consider engaging a qualified consultant. Bringing a consultant on board who has years of experience in the order management, inventory, and warehouse operations fields can only help your business be more efficient in the long run.
  • Software is king. Lastly and arguably most important, do not take the software component to your operation lightly. Your software is a key differentiator between you and the other service providers out there.

Use these tips to give your business a head start in offering warehouse and inventory management solutions. Don’t forget to keep your end goal and end user in mind. The sales or account rep who is looking to place a simple order for one of his/her clients is looking to do just that: a routine task that should truly be simple. But, because this has become such a difficulty in today’s modern and high-tech landscape, this is your chance to capitalize on new business opportunities. Being the print, mail, or fulfillment service provider to a growing number of industries isn’t as hard as it sounds!

Oh, and one last tip! If you’re looking for more advice on tips for finding success with warehouse and inventory management, or if you’re looking to implement a new software solution for your print, mail, or fulfillment operation, that’s absolutely something we can help with. Don’t miss fulfillment expert and Vice President of interlinkONE, Karen DeWolfe, as she hosts a free, interactive webinar,Effective Warehouse and Inventory Management Tips for Success.” Click here to sign up and learn more about expanding your business operations this year.