If you believe yourself to be a thought leader, then you need to establish credibility for yourself. And when it comes to establishing credibility online, the number one thing you need to note is that content creation is key.

  1. Do Your Own Podcast. When it comes to effectively exhibiting thought leadership to an audience, a video or audio podcast can help you accomplish this goal. In regards to the exact topics that should be discussed, this will be determined by the industry in which you want to establish thought leadership. Never should you stick to one specific topic. For example, if you consider yourself to be a thought leader on online marketing, then you should create podcasts that cover all topics related to marketing.
  2. Create and Maintain a Blog. Even though you may have a personal blog, you need a business blog as well. This business blog can directly correlate with your podcasts. The topics discussed should stick to the industry that you believe yourself to be a thought leader in. You should post regularly. In fact, at least one posting a week is good, which makes for at least 52 new postings a year. Make sure your content is organic, easy to read, and includes relevant keywords.
  3. Do a Bit of Guest Blogging. If you want to be a thought leader, then you must communicate with other thought leaders. A great way to network and communicate with them is by guest blogging on their sites. You could even ask a few of them to guest blog for you.
  4. Use Social Media. Not only should you be using social media to promote yourself as a thought leader, but you should also be using it to answer questions that relate to the industry you’re a thought leader in. The more questions that you answer, the more established you’ll become as a thought leader.