social mediaThere are many social media sites that are all used for different purposes. Younger generations typically use these different sites for entertainment or as outlets to share their views and opinions. However, for marketers and organizations, social media plays a vital role in your businesses.

By setting up accounts on the different social media platforms, you are able to easily accomplish certain tasks that are relevant for your business. Among these are the posting of marketing campaigns, providing customer support services, enhancing brand awareness, and promoting customer interactivity.

As the number of social media sites rapidly increases, some business owners and marketers are finding it difficult to determine which ones will yield positive effects for their business and which ones will be a waste of time and resources. In order to make the process of selecting the right social sites less overwhelming, it is important to research and understand the benefits of each. Below is a list of 4 great social media outlets for your business, with a brief description of the advantages each network offers. Keep in mind that it’s not enough to just be on a social network, you must have a plan in place for content creation, your posting strategy, and responsibilities.


Facebook is one of the most rapidly growing social networking sites. By creating a free account on this website, people have the ability to connect with their friends, subscribe to a business page, or join a group with a common interest or goal.

Businesses can greatly benefit from Facebook thanks to the wide ranging audience provided by the site. Facebook also has features that can make marketing campaigns more effective, such as the options to like, share, or tag updates and photos. When people ‘like’ a business’ Facebook company page, or the updates and newly uploaded photos, it is automatically visible on their newsfeed, where all of their followers can view. This promotes brand awareness, and self-automated promotion. When they share your update with their friends, they become brand evangelists without you having to do more than post relevant content.


LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals that is great for maintaining professional connections with other companies or individuals. LinkedIn is also beneficial for companies as a whole, providing companies with a great source to market their businesses to other companies in an online, professional environment, while enhancing brand recognition.

In order to get the most out of LinkedIn, it is imperative for companies to complete their brand profiles and constantly update it to ensure viewership. When you meet someone at a tradeshow, connect with them that night on LinkedIn. When you get a new lead from your website (because you have an inbound marketing strategy…right?), look them up and connect. Stay active in the groups and exhibit industry expertise in the groups where your prospects are active. LinkedIn works if you work at it.


This website is mainly used for micro-blogging. Twitter can be an effective way to find new prospects that may be interested a business’s products or services based on the large number of users this site hosts.

This social networking site is also incredibly beneficial when used as a listening tool. Twitter enables businesses to follow the voices of current and potential customers connecting them to the verbiage, content and problems their prospects post. If businesses take the time to follow and connect with consumers through Twitter, they can make genuine connections and give insight via the content they share.

Twitter is a great way to listen and connect with industry counterparts, current and potential customers, and competitors. The open dialogue and easy sharing capabilities make this social platform an ideal place to spread and share content, follow current industry specific events, and most importantly to brand and market any type or size of business.


Videos can inform, entertain, and inspire- and sometimes they are just plain easier than reading. Business can benefit from having a YouTube channel in more ways than one. Owned by Google, YouTube is considered the number two search engine in the world. Not only can videos engage prospects in an ideal way due to their easy usability, but they can also drive a considerable amount of traffic to a website, turning prospects into leads.

Businesses can use YouTube to create content, in the form of videos, which offers information about their products or services, their culture, training material, brand engagement, and so much more. In today’s fast-paced digital world, videos are considered one of the most attractive and entertaining mediums for business promotion.


As the world evolves in the age of technology, businesses need to learn how to stay in front of their target audiences, using social media as a boost. Like all new things, these sites can seem overwhelming and at times, daunting. However, accepting new methods and behaviors of emerging generations has always been the way to survive and thrive in any culture or economy.

Like all things good and worthwhile, using social media to enhance a business begins with a well thought out plan, then strategy and execution are never far behind. Whether the goal is to maintain relationships with loyal patrons, attract new customers, or disseminate information, using social media is the newest, greatest way to market to large audiences while staying connected to consumers and industry partners alike.