In marketing, there is always the chance of annoying your audience.

And mobile marketing has the potential to really push your target market to either love or hate you.

Mobile device users are typically on their smartphones and tablets a lot, and while that means you have plenty of opportunity to win them over, it also means you have the opportunity to tick them off.

Here are some ways you may be ticking off your audience and not even realizing it:


  • Your content lacks relevancy. No one wants to see stuff that is old news, completely redundant, or unnecessary.
  • Your posts, tweets and updates come across as junk or spam. While you can try to engage your target market with some fun things here and there, keep it in moderation.
  • Your site is not optimized for mobile. If a mobile user is looking for answers and all they get is a clunky, hard-to-navigate desktop site, they will leave your site frustrated.
  • You are unresponsive to complaints or suggestions. Nothing seems worse to a customer (past, present or future) than contacting a company only to hear the chirping of crickets in return. Lack of response translates into a lack of caring and no audience member wants to feel like they don’t matter.
  • You fail to provide solutions when you post your blogs, tweets and so on. People like their problems solved. And if you can’t display a certain amount of helpfulness with your messages, your website and social media encounters, then your audience will figure you are not going to be able to help them. You can avoid this problem by posting case studies or testimonials.
  • You are too wordy. No one likes to read a “book” every time they want some information or a question answered. Give lists, bullet points, and don’t go overboard with the tech speak.
  • You are too controversial. If you post political or religious thoughts, you may find yourself walking a very thin line.
  • You make a major misstep and fail to apologize. When you make a mistake – own up to it. A heartfelt apology can go a long way in repairing relationships and building trust.


Obviously, there are many possible missteps in mobile marketing – not unlike traditional marketing. But with effort, you can avoid them altogether and ensure that you develop a  good and lasting relationship with your audience.

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