Does your marketing team face these challenges?

There is a great chart from eMarketer today that caught my attention.

It details the results of a survey that asked marketers what types of challenges they face when it comes to the data that they are collecting.

eMarketer: Survey Challenges Marketers Face When it comes to Big Data

In today’s multi-channel world, most companies are finding and storing more data than ever before about their prospects and customers.

But if they are not properly using that data, or if that data is making it harder for them to achieve key business objectives, then that is a big problem.

Why Companies Are Struggling With Data

One reason that many companies are running into those top 3 challenges — having trouble measuring ROI and sharing data across and organization, not using it to effectively personalize communications, and not being able to link data to individual customers — is because their marketing efforts are not¬†integrated. They may be using separate point solutions for each of their marketing channels…. one soution to send emails, one to create personalized URLs, one to manage collateral and digital assets, one to collect leads from the website, one to collect survey responses, etc.

With that type of approach, marketers are stuck with multiple databases that may not talk to another , which prevents them from having a holistic view of their customers and prospects.

In today’s world, that circumstance can doom many marketers. If the effectiveness of their marketing efforts decreases, or if they can’t prove what’s working, then their job tenure may be cut shorter than ever before.

The Solution to Handling Big Data Problems

However, that does not have to be the case.

Marketers can adjust their strategies to take an integrated approach.

Our CEO John Foley, Jr. wrote this White Paper to help companies find the best ways to do that.

Also, they can also make changes in the technology that they use. They can break down their silo-ed approach, and start using solutions that ensure their activities and results are running through a central database.

When those things happen, then the available data can truly be put to use. And both marketers and consumers will benefit greatly!

Would you like to start walking down that path? If so, I’d love for you to take a moment to register for a demo of interlinkONE’s marketing solutions.¬†

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