Marketing Tips for Mailing and Fulfillment Service Providers

2012 MFSA Southwest Conference Logo: Our VP of Sales Karen DeWolfe is speakingI recently had the chance to speak at the 2012 MFSA Southwest Conference in Fort Worth, Texas.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to the conference organizers for having me down and to all of the attendees for making me feel loved. I mean it! I really appreciated it. There was a great camaraderie throughout the conference.

Throughout my presentation, I discussed the convergence of traditonal forms of marketing — including print, mail, and fulfillment — with online marketing, social media, and mobile.

I presented strategies, tips, and tools that service providers can use to effectively sell, build, manage, execute, and measure multi-channel marketing solutions.

Below are the slides that I used for my presentation. I hope that you find them helpful!


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A New Path to Sustainable Growth: Dscoop at drupa

In less than two weeks, I will be headed to Germany for the biggest event in the printing industry – drupa!

I am absolutely looking forward to experiencing this massive trade show for the first time.

Also, I’m excited that I’ll be delivering two presentations at the Dscoop at drupa event! One of my presentations will be specifically targeted towards printers in the Label and Packaging space.

I took a moment to film this video regarding what I’ll be talking about:

Presentation Overview

Title: A New Path To Sustainable Growth

Description: During this session, I will present growth strategies for printers in the labels and packaging space. I will provide ideas and tactics that printers can use to stand out from their competition. I will provide an overview of new technologies and marketing channels that can be used to make print interactive and deliver more relevant content to the consumer. I will also provide inspiration and actionable steps for printers that are looking to improve their own sales and marketing efforts.

Dscoop At Drupa Masthead: CEO John Foley, Jr. is speaking at this event in Germany

Making Print Interactive: QR Codes and NFC

At interlinkONE, we have been big fans of QR Codes for a long time.

We absolutely think that they are a great way to make print interactive and measurable, and they can certainly help you reach the mobile audience.

However, we are always keeping our eyes open to other technologies that could disrupt the way that people consume information and communicate.

Ladies and Gentleman, Here Comes NFC

Before we discuss what NFC is, we’d like to demonstrate it to you. Here’s a video that I recently had the chance to film with our CEO John Foley, Jr.:

An Overview of NFC

NFC stands for Near Field Communications. To put  it simply, it is wireless technology that allows an initiator and a target to interact within close range.

Thus, NFC makes it possible for us to do what we did in that video — we could simply tap our NFC-enabled phone against the printed piece, which then directed us to the web.

That’s one of the big differences between NFC and QR Codes. With NFC, we did not need to open up an App first, and have it do the work of figuring out where the QR Code on the printed piece wants to send us.

The Mobile Buzz

Over the past couple of years, the mobile world has certainly been spreading the buzz about NFC.

Granted, the buzz about QR Codes has been much louder! And for good reason.

In order to use a QR Code, you primarily just need to have a smartphone. Anyone with a smartphone can download a QR Code reader App to start interacting with printed materials that have QR Codes.

However, you can’t just download an App on your iPhone today to use NFC.

The enablement of NFC primarily requires hardware changes. As of today, the iPhone does not support it. The same can be said for many of the other smartphones that are owned in the United States, as well as in other parts of the world.

However, that will change sooner than later. We don’t know when Apple will start supporting NFC in the iPhone. But when it happens, the usage of NFC will certainly take off.

More NFC Resources

If you’d like to read more about NFC, here are a few links that may help:

How Will You Be Affected By NFC?

The Wikipedia page on NFC lists a number of practical applications on how NFC could be applied to the “real world”.

A lot of the recent talk and news centers around how it will be a huge player in the mobile payment world.

  • You’ll be able to pay for things simply with your mobile phone thanks to NFC
  • You’ll be to access/present your account information for a loyalty card program thanks to NFC
  • You’ll be to take advantage of coupons and discounts with your phone thanks to NFC

But it certainly goes beyond that.

  • You’ll be able to register for contests by tapping your phone against a poster or flyer
  • You’ll be able to watch a How-To video after tapping your phone against a product’s packaging
  • You’ll be able to connect with people you meet by tapping your phone against their business card
  • And more!

John Foley, Jr.'s NFC LinkedIn Card

John Foley, Jr.'s NFC LinkedIn Card

Will NFC Replace QR Codes?

This is just my opinion — but I certainly do not think that a surge of brands using NFC will spell the end of QR Codes anytime soon.

For one, NFC is not going to work unless you are a extremely close to the target (1.5 inches, according to Wikipedia). Thus, I think that QR Codes will continue to be an effective way for people to make posters, signs, and other printed banners interactive.

In the end, technology succeeds if it truly makes life easier for customers and prospects. Is it easy-to-use? Is it easy to explain the technology to other people? Does it deliver an appropriate and compelling experience?

Those types of questions will always be ones that the technologies of the future need to answer. No matter what “wins”, it looks like we are all in for some excitement and changes.


Customer Spotlight: Using Video to Sell Fulfillment

H & H Graphics Group logo: They utilize interlinkONE's Order Fulfillment and Warehouse Management software.I just wanted to take a quick moment to turn the spotlight on one of interlinONE’s customers.

H & H Graphics Group utilizes our Warehouse Management and Order Fulfillment software to provide a number of services to their clients.

They utilize a variety of our features, including:

  • Inventory Management
  • Online Order Entry
  • Pick Tickets and Packing Slips
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Shipping Notifications
  • Web-to-Print Storefronts
  • Build-on-Demand Kits
  • And more…

Of course, simply utilizing our software is only part of what H & H Graphics Group does each day when it comes to their fulfillment process. Another piece to that involves the marketing and sales efforts that they execute to bring on new clients.

I wanted to highlight one of the unique ways that H & H Graphics Group does this — with video!

In the video above, Mike Williams – a Publishing and Fulfillment Consultant at H & H Graphics Group – demonstrates some of the main features and benefits of their Fulfillment operations.

I think that this is a great way to tell a company’s story about a process that may not always be easy to comprehend.

[Webinar] Success with QR Codes and the Mobile Web

interlinkONE's Webinar Series: Register today!On April 18th, interlinkONE and Grow Socially will deliver an information-packed webinar to help you succeed with QR Codes and mobile websites. Register today to reserve your seat!

While the usage of QR Codes and other mobile tags has increased greatly over the past year, customers and businesses have often been disappointed by the results.

However, our main presenters — Katie Saldlier and David Platz — will provide a number of best practices to increase the success of your next mobile marketing effort.

Attendees will receive actionable information on a variety of topics, including:

  • Best Practices for Implementing QR Codes
  • Building an Engaging Mobile Website
  • Educating Your Target Audience
  • Strategies for Selling Mobile Solutions
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