Thanks to Twitter, We Now Love Chobani Yogurt Even More

Can social media help you to grow your business? We certainly think so. And we also know something else — it can help you stock up on your yogurt supply as well!

Katie Sadlier, a sales executive at interlinkONE, tweeted how the refrigerator at our office could be a commercial for Chobani.

Katie Sadlier's Tweet about Chobani

And that was true — we have many employees that are major fans/addicts.

Well, the folks behind Chobani's social media presence were listening. And to thank us, they sent us the massive shipment of Chobani yogurts below.

The Chobani Pyramid:  We received a big shipment of these delicious yogurts after tweeting how much our employees love them.

Thank you to Chobani for the yogurt! But more importantly, we thank them for using social media as a listening tool… and for creating some major fans of their awesome product.


The Growth of Mobile Web Browsing

When it comes to marketing, we are all well aware of the importance of paying attention to our audience before we make decisions.

Before we invest too many resources into a certain channel or network, we would want to make sure that our prospects and customers are there!

What About Mobile?

Example of Mobile Website built with iFlyMobi When it comes to the world of mobile, you may find yourself in the “waiting” stage of trying to decide how to move forward with mobile marketing. If that is true, I'd love to give you a gentle nudge. Actually, a very big nudge.

The bottom line is: Businesses must take steps now to ensure that their online content is accessible on mobile devices.

comScore recently released statistics from February 2012. If you have a moment, I would certainly encourage you to check all of them out here. The statistic that really made a big impression on me had to do with Mobile Content Usage over the three months between November and February.

Guess which activity had the greatest positive increase in that time period?

Yep, that's right — using a web browser.

In November of 2011, 44% of mobile subscribers were regularly taking that action….

And as of February 2012, 49.2% of mobile subscribers were using their phone to access the web.

What Does that Trend Mean to You?

There is no doubt that the number of smartphone owners will continue to rise, as well as the percentage of people that are using their phone to access the web.

The time to start building mobile websites, landing pages, and registration forms is now!

Would you like to know how to do that?

If so, I'd love to help. Check out our iFlyMobi product today to start easily building mobile websites.

Would you like more information?

If so, I'm happy to share the news that we'll be hosting a free webinar on April 18th about QR Codes and mobile websites.

Register today to reserve your seat!