Gone Fishing For Leads? Grow Socially Can Help!

We have some exciting news to share from the Grow Socially side of our business. We have entered into a partnership to help companies in the Fishing industry to improve their online marketing efforts.

The press release below covers the main highlights of this exciting news.



Isanti, Minn. – “Social” is complete strangers sharing a public fishing dock and leaving as friends. Social is the predawn old timers club at the baitshop talking about the ones that got away. Social is also open online dialogue between anglers from different continents comparing the bait preferences of Flathead Catfish to Wels Catfish.

To this, fishing-focused PR posse Traditions Media has woven its proven practices with the bleeding-edge social media capacities of Grow Socially, a Boston, Mass. based leader in social media. “When we formed Traditions Media, social media was just showing its face,” explains Traditions Media President Noel Vick. “Despite its rise, and realizing we needed to be in that space, too, something inside still said that real lasting relationships in the fishing industry would always come down to handshakes and barstool to barstool conversations.

That remains the case. But as we see more and more anglers communicating online, it’s evident that social media and interactive marketing are on their way to becoming tradition, too.”

By teaming up, Traditions Media and Grow Socially will help companies in the fishing industry share information instantaneously with the active angler. That info will take the form of new product releases, promotions, fresh-off-the-water video, compelling imagery, as well as funky fun stories from the seas and lakes.

“Fishing, both as an industry and as an American pastime, is a natural for social media,” says Vice President of Grow Socially Dena Woerner. “As a result, we’ve seen several companies dive into the communication channel. What Grow Socially is able to do is put a strategic plan behind the messages of our clients. We take a look at all marketing efforts of the company and build a social messaging strategy that creates an integrated marketing approach. The purpose is to drive consumers to the content that will result in sales.”

Already, Traditions Media partner Rippin Lips – an all catfish, all day company – has engaged with Grow Socially to broadcast its story to the 7 million plus cat-heads across North America. “As a small company with incredibly unique products, we needed a channel that told our story in real-time, to both the media and actual product users,” says Rippin Lips President Dennis Coons. “Combining strong PR with social communications will undoubtedly get that done.”

Media members themselves are capitalizing on social media through Grow Socially, too. Take famed fishing writer Mike Pehanich, who recently launched Small Waters Fishing, a content-driven website. He, too, wanted immediate impact and wide reach. Grow Socially has given him that tool.

“In the end, content is king,” says Vick. “We take care of the words, images and video and drive them through the traditional channels. Grow Socially goes one step further and talks directly to the angler.”


Traditions Media, LLC is a strictly-fishing PR crew. Everyone on our team is as comfortable writing about roosterfish and rainbow trout as they are authoring strategic marketing plans and editorial calendars to move needles and push product out the door. We fish. We write. We communicate. We sell stuff. Traditions Media represents PR interests for St. Croix Rods, LUND Boats, MarCum Technologies, StrikeMaster Augers, Rippin Lips, Aquateko and the Rapala family of fishing brands. To talk business…and where they’re biting, contact Noel Vick at noel@traditionsmedia.com or ring 612.708.7339.



Founded in 2010, Grow Socially, Inc helps companies with their online marketing efforts, with a focus on marketing integration across traditional, online and social media channels. Services include developing marketing plans, strategies, tactics, and goals that align with an association or company’s needs. This includes experience in areas such as public relations, multi-channel campaign development and execution, social networking, mobile marketing, web design, search engine optimization and inbound marketing campaigns. For more information, contact Dena Woerner at 978-495-2275; denaw@growsocially.com; www.growsocially.com


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