Alright, before get too far in this post, I must say this: I received a lot of Holiday cards this year. And I loved them all!

But I just want to take a moment to highlight one that stood out to me.

The Holiday eCard from Fabcom

FabCom is an interactive marketing agency. I love their company and their staff for many reasons. They are energetic, creative, and extremely hard-working. And, they use  interlinkONE's multi-channel marketing software to help them build, manage, execute, and measure marketing campaigns for their clients, which also gives them extra points in my book.

They sent an eCard to a number of employees here that combined a number of things that I like: personalization, humanizing a brand, and gift-giving.

Here is a screenshot of the email that they sent:

Screenshot of Fabcom's Holiday Card: The Email

Within the email, they did a great job of including a human touch. As an agency, their people are among their most important assets. Thus, by exposing employees faces, they are helping to “open” themselves up to customers, prospects, and vendors. And of course, they did a great job of incorporating a humorous and seasonal touch.

The Landing Page

After clicking the link within the email, people were directed to a landing page. It incorporated video, personalized text, and information about the donation that they were making on the behalf of the individual the email was sent to.

Here is a screenshot of the landing page:

Fabcom: Holiday Card: Landing Page link via email

The Inspiration

When it comes to sending holiday cards, companies often have multiple goals. For one, they want to say Thank You to customers, prospects, vendors, industry leaders, friends, and others. But also, they want to do something that will help make an impression about their company on someone's mind.

I think that Fabcom did a great job of this. They utilized multiple channels and medias to make the recipients feel special in a number of ways.