Within ilinkONE Version 8's marketing software, users can set up surveys, registration pages, feedback forms, download entry points, and more through our Campaign Management and Landing Page features.
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Within that piece of our software, users can easily build Question & Answer forms for a variety of reasons. Most of our customers typically choose from Question Types such as:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Single Choice via Radio Buttons
  • Single Choice via Dropdowns
  • Open-Ended

But there is another option available that may assist you in your marketing efforts. That option allows you to create a field on a landing page that enables people to upload a file while they are filling out the form.

Using the File Upload Feature

If you are familiar with how to build campaigns and landing pages in our system, it is very easy for you to use the File Upload feature.

  • To create a File Upload field, you'll want to create/edit a Question for your campaign.
  • On the “Edit Question” page, set the Question Type to “Single – Open Line Text” and then check the box for the “Display as File Upload” field.

Screenshot from our ilinkONE Version 8 Marketing Software: Categorize a Question for File Upload

Once you've taken those simple steps, the ilinkONE Version 8 software do the rest of work.

Next time that you view the landing page that those questions are associated to, you will see your web browser's Upload File utility displayed with that question.

ilinkONE Version 8 - A landing page that has the Upload File field turned on.

The system will store the images on the FTP server. You will be able to access them by simply finding the folder associated to the Client that you built the campaign for.

We hope that you find this feature useful. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team!