Over the past few years, I’ve certainly seen my boss, John Foley, Jr., become quite famous throughout the industries that we work in.

He is recognized frequently at the conferences and trade shows that we attend… He has become a highly sought-after public speaker… and he’s appeared on many videos as the person being interviewed.

But recently, he decided to switch roles when it came to being in front of the camera. Yes, he’s still in front of the camera… but this time he decided to play the role of the interviewer. While at the Printing Survivor 2011 conference in Toronto, John sat down with a few of the attendees to get their thoughts on the printing industry.

Here’s the first one that we have published:

In this video, John interviewed Jennifer Gandy of Buskro. They discuss items such as:

  • Printers that are looking to grow their business by diversifying their services
  • The growth of QR Codes and mobile websites
  • Jennifer’s thoughts on the Printing Survivor 2011 conference

Did John do okay as the person asking the questions? Make sure to connect with him on Twitter and let him know 🙂