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I recently had the chance to spend some more time reviewing the 48th Annual Print Survey from Graphic Design USA.

If you have chance, it’s absolutely worth downloading and reading. While there were certainly some questions & results from the survey that I did not agree with the majority on, I thought that the quotes from people describing why print is special to them were important.

Here is a sampling from a few of my favorites:

  • “Many people still like to touch their communications — it’s tangible and evokes emotions that, in some ways, digital cannot”
  • “As much as we are immersed in this digital age in our day-to-day lives, people are still very tactile in nature”
  • “[Print] is tangible and communicates effectively,although differently than digital media”
  • “Paper should always enhance a project in terms ofthe message and mood that is being conveyed.”

Of course, we all need to recognize that tablets, smartphones, and other devices are changing the way that people consume information. And that social networks have opened up new ways for us to connect with people and brands.

But in the end, long-lasting marketing success will be found by the companies that find ways to integrate the best of what’s available from each marketing channel.

Click here to access the full survey results >>

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