Should printers transform their business to become marketing services providers? Or to a different name?

While the debate over those questions continues to rage on in various circles, there is no denying this: the worlds of marketing and communications have changed. Social networks, mobile marketing, and other channels are changing the way we all search, find, and consume information, as well as how we engage with others.

As a result, some printers are taking steps to change their business to keep in step with emerging trends.

Recently, I had the chance to deliver a presentation on this topic. Titled “Business Transformation: From a Printer to a Marketing Services Provider” (sub-titled “How to Transform Your Business… If you choose to do so!”), the presentation includes a roadmap for print, mail, and fulfillment service providers to help them successfully offer marketing services. If you’d like to see the sides, here they are:

During the presentation, I covered topics such as:

  • How to revamp your business plan and marketing plan
  • Case Studies of printers that have taken different strategies to grow their business
  • Resources and Technologies that you may need
  • Self-Promotional campaign ideas


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