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On April 13th, I’ll have the privilege of speaking with Jerry Scher of Peak Focus on the subject of Business Transformation in the print industry.

We will be delivering an all-day presentation at the PIAG headquarters. If you’ll be in the Georgia area that day and would like to attend, click here to learn more about registration.

The goal of the presentation will be to help printers remain relevant to their clients. Yes, we’ll be taking about a transformation that is not necessarily easy to do.

Getting the Team Together

However, taking a team approach to the process can make the transformation to a company that provides more than just print a bit easier. But to do that, you must get employees on-board the  “change” wagon early.

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The first step in doing this is to pull together your team to talk about goals and objectives moving forward. This should include a review of the business environment of your prospective customers, as well as a delineation of the drivers and inhibitors associated with making this transformation.

In a team workshop, examine the trends affecting your prospective customer base. This includes trends specific to individual vertical markets you may wish to target, as well as horizontal trends.

As an example of a horizontal trend, most marketing organizations are underfunded and under-resourced. They are always under the microscope, justifying budgets. Just like your organization may not have marketing expertise today, oftentimes marketing is not understood in the C-Suite, and the executive team would often rather skip right over marketing and go directly to sales. This leaves marketing under-resourced in capital and human assets as well as systems and budget. They are often without the tools required to justify their existence and prove the return on investment their marketing efforts deliver. This is especially true in small to medium-sized businesses and can cause a downward spiral in marketing budgets and the perceived importance of marketing in the organization.

How Your Team Becomes a Partner

PressureThis is where you can step in as the marketer’s partner. As you build your new infrastructure to support your business transformation—in people, processes and technology—your goal should be to establish a clear offering that encompasses capabilities that may be just out of reach for many marketers. These should be packaged in such a way that the marketer can easily outsource the functions you are offering within the constraints of existing budgets.

Perhaps you start with one campaign that is designed to meet specific business objectives. It will have clearly-defined metrics that can be used both to measure the success of the campaign and to demonstrate a definitive ROI to management in order justify investments in future similar campaigns and prevent further erosion of the marketing budget.

The bottom line is this: CMO’s need help!

They are under more pressure to deliver than ever before. This creates opportunities for service providers. Don’t miss out.

If you’d like to chat more about this, please join myself and Jerry at the PIAG event on April 13th.

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