Can Your Business Benefit from Quora?

Have you heard of Quora yet?

The company was incorporated in the summer of 2009, but its popularity has increased dramatically over the past month.

Basically, it is an online tool that contains a massive (and growing) collection of questions and answers. Yes, people across the world can benefit from Quora simply due to how much knowledge is accumulating there. Quora also has a number of features that you may find in other social media tools.

I have not been a member of Quora for that long. I’ve answered a few questions, and am following a few people and topics. I am determined to use it more! But rather than wait too long, I wanted to make sure that I shared the potential that I see in this tool with others.

The Knowledge That You Can Gain

There are a number of online sources that you may go to gain insight into a particular subject. Well, Quora allows you to easily research a wide variety of subjects from one location. Are you interested in mobile payments? Are you wondering whether you should order a tablet or a laptop?  Or do you simply want to know the best sledding hills in Boston?

Quora will help you to find answers to questions like those, as well as on a variety of other subjects.

Also, Quora is designed to be “collaborative” and “continually improving”. You will be able to see  which answers have been voted on or promoted by other users.

The Knowledge That You Can Share

As the old saying goes, “it’s not easy to find good help these days”.  Well with Quora, you have the opportunity to be  “good help” to someone that needs advice. Which topics do you consider yourself an expert on?

Once you have that list, search Quora to find people that are asking questions about those topics. You can do this with the Search box, or by also following a specific topic.

Using these opportunities to freely share helpful information with others may do two things — one, it should make you feel good. And two, it may help to improve how people perceive the value that you and your company offers.

Building Relationships

There are a number of features inside Quora that are also found on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. If you use these properly, it may help you develop and nurture relationships with prospects, customers, and others. Here are a few of those features:

  • You can manage your Profile page. This includes uploading a picture, a bio, and links to other places that people can find you on the web.
  • You can follow other people, and they can follow you.
  • You can send direct messages to people, as well as your follower list.
  • You can thank people for their answers, and vote them up

Another thing that I like about Quora is the “notifications” window. It allows you to see how other people have felt about your posts. These notifications may open up an opportunity to engage and build relationships.

Screenshot from Quora - The Notifications

Screenshot from Quora - The Notifications

If you are already using Quora, or if you start using it soon, I’d love to hear what you think of the tool! Does it help you?