Cycle Counting - Screenshot from our  Software

Cycle Counting - Screenshot from this Feature within our ilinkONE Version 8 Software

Raise your hand if you greatly enjoy working on holidays… (anyone, anyone?)

Certainly, when the majority of our friends and family are at home, it can be hard for any of us to be at work. However,  we may need to do this from time-to-time depending on our profession or project deadlines.

One of our long-time customers is H & H  Fulfillment Solutions (a division of H & H Graphics Group) in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They primarily use our warehouse and inventory management modules to fulfill orders for their clients.

At the end of each year, H & H  Fulfillment Solutions  would work on performing a cycle count on the inventory inside their warehouse.

  • In 2008, H & H Fulfillment Solutions  conducted a cycle count without using interlinkONE’s software. The process took about 6 days  (500+ labor hours),  with the managers working 16 hours a day.
  • In 2009, H & H Fulfillment Solutions used our software to help them conduct the cycle count. It took 4 days, and about  215  man-hours. Yes, there was a bit of a reduction in the time needed. So, our software helped a bit.  After that effort, Mike Williams, who is the Director of Operations at H & H Graphics, identified a few small software enhancements that we could make to our Cycle Counting feature. We took them into consideration, and were able to deliver enhancements throughout 2010 that would hopefully help them out before their next cycle count.
  • At the end of 2010, H & H Fulfillment Solutions conducted a cycle count with our software. After Day 1, they were 80% done! They finished up completely mid-way through Day 2  with only 177 labor hours utilized.

Not only were they able to drastically reduce the number of man-hours needed to complete the process over the holiday season, but they also reported that their inventory had never been in better shape.  Further, a nationally recognized third party auditing firm found ZERO exceptions to report!

While we certainly are happy to know that our software helped them out, we give full credit to the hard-working team at H & H Fulfillment Solutions! We wish them continued success, and we’d like to thank them for sharing this story with us.