I promise, I will not use this post to remind you of how much snow we received in Wilmington, Massachusetts yesterday (okay, 24 inches!).  I will not talk about how sore I am from shoveling, or how long the line was at the gas station today of people buying windshield washer fluid.

But rather, this post is all about delivering the right message at the right time.

In the middle of the snowstorm yesterday, I received the following email from Barnes & Noble:

Barnes & Noble EMail - on a Snow Day

It absolutely captured my attention. While I did not buy a book yesterday, the email did compel me to click the link and browse for items to purchases in the near future.

If you are looking for ways to create buzz for your company, or to drive more leads to your sales team, this Barnes & Noble email may provide inspiration in three areas:

  • Data Segmentation: They certainly did not deliver this message to everyone in their database. I’m taking a guess that they only sent it to customers that reside in the Northeastern part of the U.S.
  • Timing: I did not receive this email early in the morning before the snow really started.  I did not receive it at night (which by that point, I absolutely hated snow simply due to all of the shoveling involved). I received it mid-afternoon, which for me was the perfect time to notice and take action on their offer.
  • Preparation: Perhaps there’s a chance that one of the marketers at Barnes & Noble woke up yesterday morning and said, “let’s send an email related to the snowstorm!” But I’m willing to bet that they thought of this idea in advance.

Devising the proper marketing strategy for our business, and then executing and measuring it absolutely takes time and effort. We may need to research new trends, analyze & segment our data, and work long hours.

But in the end, those are the things that may lead to successful marketing efforts.