Twitter Conversations That May Grow Your Business

A couple of weeks ago, our CEO John Foley, Jr. published an article that discussed the use of hashtags in Twitter.

In some cases, a hashtag may be used to conduct an interview between two parties. In other cases, it is used to group together a conversation on a certain subject between many people.

If you are looking to increase the value that that you get from Twitter, there are a few hashtags that you may want to pay attention to. Here are a few of my favorites:


Traditional business models in the print industry may be in flux. But the folks behind this hashtag are absolutely determined to share advice to help printers grow their business.

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If you are for looking for sterling examples of great customer service, you will find it here. Of course, this group also posts examples of companies that may not be excelling in that area. But no matter what, there is absolutely a passionate group of people behind the posts with this hashtag.

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The often entertaining (and informative) conversation around this hashtag typically includes two of our favorites — @ToughLoveForX and @mbossed. If you are looking for honest opinions and insight into technologies and solutions that printers should pay attention to, you will find it here.

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Nearly every business recognizes the potential benefits of having a blog. However, many are still unsure of how to make blogging part of their schedule. The conversation around this hashtag provides help and guidance for companies that are looking to use blogs to reach customers and prospects.

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I have only recently discovered the conversation around this hashtag. But while fundamentals and principles may always stay the same, the subject of leadership is fascinating to me. For example, how will managers adjust to new generations that have grown up connected to their smartphones, their IM chats, and their social media profiles? Will they find a way to ban those from 9-5? Or perhaps, might they be able to put that knowledge to use to improve their companies?

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These are just a few of the hashtags that I enjoy paying attention to. Are there others that are helping you? If so, please feel free to leave them in the Comments section below.