One Part Looks Like Another

Screenshot from our 'Warehouse Management' module

We recently released a new feature to our ilinkONE Version 8 software that should help to put a little smile on the personnel in your warehouse.

In our Warehouse Management module, administrators now have access to a button that allows them to look up an existing part, and “Save As New”. This should help to reduce the data entry time required when parts are being entered into the system manually.

For example, let’s say that your wonderful (:-)) marketing team has created 6 new white papers. To enter them into the Inventory system, you’ll need to define fields such as Code, Name, Description, Group, Type, Unit of Measure, etc.

While fields such as Code, Name, and Description will vary from part to part, there’s certainly a chance that the majority of your other fields will have the same values as each other (i.e. those 6 parts will all be assigned to the “White Papers” part group).

ilinkONE Version 8 now allows users to enter the full values for the first part… Then, they can simply use the “Save As New Part” button to copy over its values to a new record, and enter whatever unique values are necessary.