We love to talk about the importance of why you should take a multi-channel approach to marketing efforts.

I mean, it makes sense — people see hundreds of marketing messages each day. They may need to see, hear, and experience what you are trying to sell multiple times before they realize that they need it.

Also, people are consuming messages on more devices than ever before. They might be taking information in from their smart phone, on the web via a laptop, radio, TV,  social media site, billboards, magazines, iPad and more, all at varying times throughout the day (and sometimes, through multiple devices at the same time).

To make an impression, we certainly need to reach people through multiple channels. We also need to allow them to respond through multiple channels.

Multi-Channel in Reach and Response

An interlinkONE customer recently ran a campaign for a small college . The goal was to push a survey out to their alumni, and collect valuable feedback. The college has been around for nearly a century. Thus, they have a wide variety of ages in their mailing list of alums.

To maximize the chances that they would effectively reach and receive a response from all in their list, they developed the following campaign structure:

Yes, they decided to reach their audience through multiple channels: Direct Mail and Email.

On the Direct Mail piece, they offered people two ways to respond. One was via a personalized URL (for example: http://JasonPinto.MyUniversity.com). People could access their Response page by simply typing their PURL into a web browser.

However, to reach the growing mobile audience — the people that own a smart phone and carry it everywhere they go — they also included a QR Code on the direct mailer. If someone scanned the QR Code with their smartphone, they were directed a personalized landing page that was mobile-optimized.

Accounting for the fact that not everyone may respond to the direct mailer, the customer also sent out emails to alumni whom they had an email address for. To respond to that channel, people simply needed to click a link which directed them to a personalized landing page.

Measuring What Worked

Through our ilinkONE Version 8 marketing software, the customer was able to build, manage, and execute a campaign that used these multiple channels (Of course, they could have possibly included other channels — social media, text messaging, banner ads, print ads, etc.).

But our software also provide real-time reports to help them see the effectiveness of each channel. Here are some examples:

Responses by Channel/Media

Response Profile/Traffic Analysis Report

Moving Forward with More-Than-One

We hope that this campaign provides some form of inspiration. Sure, there are certainly times when you need to use many more channels than they did in this case. But here’s the bottom line — never rely on just one! Consumers and prospects have more control than ever before as to how they interact with marketing messages — it takes a multi-channel approach to reach them and receive a response.